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Forged in WAR ~ The Uplands

August 10, 2011 1 comment

Deep in the Halls of Ekrund ancient keys were found to the gates of places long not seen. The arms race which elevated dwarven mining and crafting activities also served to re-establish a link with the distant dwarves of Norsca. The Norse Dwarves’ sacrifice in the war against Chaos has been a silent struggle of epic proportions unknown to the southern lands of men, dwarves and elves. A thorn in the side of the Raven Host and their tenuous foothold in Thorshafn, the Norscan dwarves answered their southern kin’s call to arms and begin to harass the Raven Host ever more.

This war being waged behind the front lines of the Raven Host in Norsca threatened their position against the coming assaults from the Empire forces stationed in Nordland. Fortunately the hordes of Chaos had their own card to play in the affair with a secluded stronghold high atop the Middle Mountains which could occupy the Griffon Order in Grimmenhagen. As both the forces of Chaos and the Empire seek to secure their back-lines they call upon their realm to delve deep into the uplands to root out the forces that threaten their position.

Join your realm and become forged in war as you delve into these new realm-specific dungeons for Tier 1! As you journey into the uplands of your realm’s Empire v. Chaos Tier 1 pairing you will face a determined enemy determined to stop you before you’ve even begun your journey! Journey forth and fight the dreaded enemy, the brave will reap the rewards of these lands as they can obtain the new “Brazen” armor set!

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