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Forged in WAR ~ The Uplands: The Brass Keep

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While the forces of the Raven Host and the savages from Norsca descend upon the Empire from the north, a grave threat lurks within the very body of the Empire. High atop the Middle Mountains is what was once a proud Imperial town which served both as a safe haven for weary travelers and as a college for the Celestial Wizards. That is until a recent Chaos incursion which pushed deep into the Empire and overran the isolated mountaintop retreat which could not withstand the assault. Ever since then the town has been firmly in the hold of Chaos warriors, now known as the Brass Keep, a sore reminder of a bitter past and of the troublesome future. The forces of the Empire could never devote sufficient forces to retake the town and so it has remained in the hands of the forces of Chaos. Now in the Age of Reckoning Tchar’zanek has responded in kind for the dwarven assaults against the Raven Host by ordering the forces in the Brass Keep to harass Empire forces in Nordland. The Empire cannot ignore the Brass Keep anymore, it must be dealt with once and for all. Read more…

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