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Forged in WAR ~ Heavy Siege

August 17, 2011 Leave a comment

The ever crafty dwarves have proven to be quite resourceful, particularly in the art of siege machinery. While the forces of Order and Destruction battle over the fate of Ekrund, players from both factions have discovered the hidden art of heavy siege machinery.

Players who acquired the Siege Ammunition from the third stage of the Halls of Ekrund can now deploy heavy siege machinery options available in tiers 3 and 4. Heavy siege comes in two types – tanks can carry siege ladders into combat and deploy them within 5 feet of a keep wall; only tanks may hold siege ladders up and only classes wearing non-heavy armor may scale siege ladders. The second piece of heavy siege players can deploy is the mortar which comes in two varieties. The light mortar is operated by one person and can be deployed anywhere. The heavy mortar is operated by two players and is located within each keep; one player operates the targeting while the other operates the loading. Light mortars deal a small area-of-effect damage, very useful for bombarding defenders within keep walls; heavy mortars deal large area-of-effect damage useful in breaking up enemies attempting to assault a keep.

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