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Forged in WAR ~ Aerial Siege

While the dwarves are masters of metal and siege weapons, their ingenuity is equally matched by the crafty goblins. Deep in the Halls of Ekrund plans have been discovered for new aerial siege-craft to rain death onto the forces of Destruction, but the goblins have been quick to adapt and have begun to create their own aerial fleet to counter the dwarven onslaught.

Players who have successfully completed the 4th stage of the Halls of Ekrund and obtained the Machinery Gadget can now utilize new forms of aerial siege in Tier 4. As part of patch 1.7.0b the Griffon and Maticore have had their pre-programmed paths removed and will now be able to fly across the entirety of the ORvR lake, but players will be dismounted within 5 seconds if they leave the bounds of the ORvR lake. Griffons and Manticores will still fulfill the function of single-seater aerial-bombers which drop a small area-of-effect bomb that lasts a few seconds.

New to the arsenal of aerial siege are four beasts of the sky. First up we have the two-seater units: the Wyvern and Gyrocopter, for Destruction and Order players respectively. The Wyvern and Gyrocopter both seat two players – a driver and a gunner. These aerial siege units are designed to be anti-air units – they fire a channeled attack which is most effective against other aerial siege weapons. The other pair of aerial siege engines are the behemoths of the sky – the Dwarven Airship and the Goblin Zeppelin. Both of these units are 4-person siege weapons with a driver, a pay-load bombardier, a rear gunner, and a middle gunner. The primary function of these large aerial units is to drop a payload of bombs on the enemy which do widespread damage; the secondary gunners are there to protect the airship against enemy Gyrocopters or Wyverns, though they can also be effective against Griffons and Manticores. All new aerial units can be purchased at warcamps with realm resources.

The struggle between Order and Destruction has now been taken to the skies! Who will dominate the skies and win the war?

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