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Soldiers of WAR Teaser

Months passed since the trio of High Elves ventured into the heart of Khemri and returned to tell the tale. After returning to Altdorf with the tale of their success in the desert around Zandri Rynellier, Ledreal, and Firbael watched as the Old World was swept up with a zealous fervor to craft more weapons. New armies were to be fielded in the coming month, but the war against the hordes of Destruction had been costly; the forces of Order needed more time. Teclis had little faith in strength in arms and turned to the three Asur who had proved resourceful with his plan. In order to buy the forces of the realms of men, dwarves, and high elves time Teclis concocted a dangerous plan to send the seas into turmoil and thus disrupting the assault on Ulthuan, Norsca and Barak Varr. And so Rynellier, Ledreal, and Firbael set sail back to Ulthuan.

Staring intently at a map of Ulthuan atop the swaying ship Rynellier spoke firmly, “No, Lothern is too far. We haven’t the time for the journey, we must land closer.”

“But if we sail through the Inner Sea we can save time,” Firbael the Shadow Warrior commented.

“Rynellier is right, sailing to Lothern and then back up the Inner Sea will prolong our journey a fair amount. No, we must make landfall here,” Ledreal pointed to the eastern coast of Ulthuan.

“Cothique? Sail beyond the protection of the Sea Guard and then trek through the forests of Cothique and over the Annulii…” Firbael protested.

“I agree with Ledreal’s assessment. Landing in Cothique is a more direct route, though more arduous we will save precious time, and time is of the essence. Teclis needs all the archmages of Saphery gathered and aware of his plan if it is to succeed,” Rynellier told Firbael trying to ease his mind.

“Know then friend that we sail into waters frequently raided by druchii corsairs, and that Chrace is under siege by our dark kin. We have been gone from Ulthuan for a long time, it is entirely feasible that our dark cousins have penetrated into Cothique and may hamper our efforts.” Firbael stated.

Ledreal put his finger on the map, “We must land in Cothique. We haven’t the time to navigate the Shifting Isles and seek friendly harbor in Tor Yvresse. With your keen eyes, my sharp blade, and Rynellier’s command of the winds no foe shall hinder our journey. We must reach the archmages of Saphery before it is too late.”

Firbael frowned and nodded. Rynellier put his hand on Firbael’s shoulder to reassure him, “Asuryan will guide us, my friend. We will make landfall in Cothique in two nights time, hopefully slipping past any… unsavory types sailing the coast. Once I am on Ulthuan and near a menhir I can contact the archmages to begin gathering at the White Tower.”

Ledreal nodded, “Then we are in agreement. We land in Cothique and turn the winds against that foul creature Malekith.”

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