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Soldiers of WAR

August 20, 2011 Leave a comment

Blade clashed against blade. Blood soaked the land. Fields were sown with the bones of the dead. All the while the forges rang night and day preparing to field new legions to take to the battlefield.

The arms race did not rage only in the forges of the Old World and across the Great Ocean… it has already taken a bloody toll on the forces of both Order and Destruction. Vicious battles rage across the plains of the Empire, the mountains of Karak Ankor, and the forests of Ulthuan. As both realms push to produce ever more arms to field new hosts, the tides of the forces of Destruction have taken a deadly toll on forces of Order. In a desperate attempt to buy more time for the forces of Order so they can finish producing all the arms and armor they need, the archmages of Saphery are gathering to unleash a powerful magic current to turn the tide of Destruction. A dense fog descends upon the bloodied battlefields as the soldiers of war prepare to march. Read more…

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