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Soldiers of WAR ~ Maze of Saphery

Saphery, the magical heart of Ulthuan. Every aspiring mage walks the plains of Saphery as they take up their studies at the White Tower of Hoeth. In this land pulsing with magic, much deceives the eye. The central icon of Saphery is the White Tower of Hoeth, built by the Phoenix King Bel-Korhandis, and this proud center of learning and magic is protected by a vast maze. It is said that only those of the purest heart can find their way through the maze to the White Tower. Those who seek knowledge of the eight winds to abuse the power their wield can never find their way through the maze. The shifting walls forever mislead those of ill will.

The Maze of Saphery is the newest scenario in Warhammer, a unique scenario attached to the zone of Saphery. As its name indicates, the scenario is a portion of the massive maze which protects the White Tower. The Destruction forces begin in the north, and the Order forces begin in the south. Both realms have to navigate the maze as they struggle to reach the center and win control over the Tower of Ghyran. The map for the scenario proves of little use as the walls will randomly switch to keep players on their toes, forever lost in the labyrinth that is the Maze of Saphery. The only way players may navigate the maze and see their opponents locations is to sacrifice one of their own to man the Orb of the Heavens near their gate which will broadcast a correct map for players to use.

The forces of Destruction rush to Saphery to stop the Archmages of Hoeth from completing Teclis’s spell, but the forces of Order will meet them head on. Which realm will master the maze and secure the central tower?

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