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Soldiers of WAR ~ Archetype Changes

v1.7.1 brings about grand changes to the category of archetypes. First we have some major changes to armor mitigation values for all armor types across each archetype. And secondly we have the introduction of Warhammer’s newest archetype! Let’s dive into the discussion of these controversial changes!

Armor Mitigation
First we have the changes to armor mitigation values. Currently all classes have a soft cap of 40% magical mitigation and 75% physical mitigation. Armor classes are divided into 5 categories: Light Robe, Light Armor, Medium Robe, Medium Armor, and Heavy Armor. Mitigation values will now be based on the armor type players are wearing –

  • Light Robes will have soft caps of: 25% Physical Mitigation and 75% Magical Mitigation
  • Light Armor will have soft caps of: 30% Physical Mitigatin and 50% Magical Mitigation
  • Medium Robes will have soft caps of: 40% Physical Mitigation and 40% Magical Mitigation
  • Medium Armor will have soft caps of: 50% Physical Mitigation and 30% Magical Mitigation
  • Heavy Armor will have soft caps of: 75%Physical Mitigation and 25% Magical Mitigation

These are just soft caps, players can still exceed their soft cap but it will now be harder to do so.

New Archetype
Introduced with the 1.7 patch cycle beginning with the Arms Race and culminating in the Soldiers of WAR is the new archetype known as the Heavy DPS, abbreviated HDPS. The name however is not to indicate that this archetype will out-damage MDPS, it is instead meant to indicate their armor class. In accordance to the armor mitigation changes, HDPS will wear “Heavy Splint Armor” to be distinguished from tanks “Heavy Plate Armor” and the HDPS mitigation values will be soft capped at 65% physical mitigation and 25% Magical Mitigation. All HDPS classes will use great-weapons and have a stats-focus on weapon-skill, with a lower strength soft cap. These classes will have no crowd-control, yet can be harder to affect with crowd-control abilities as well. They are intended to be tough melee classes designed around an anti-tank approach.

A dense fog has descended upon the world as both realms marshal their new hosts. The soldiers of war are preparing to march…

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