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Dusk of Ulthuan Teaser

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Firbael sat outside the White Tower, uncomfortable in the serenity of the plains of Saphery; spending much of his life in Nagarythe meticulously hunting down druchii and mercilessly killing them. The shadow warrior was unaccustomed to such calm. He saw his companions emerging from the White Tower and he stood up to ask them of their conference with Belannaer, “What of our mission? Did we succeed in thwarting the forces of Destruction? Did the archmages have enough time?”

“The archmages met success, though at a great cost. The House of Starsight has suffered greatly and it is unknown if any of that house survived…” Rynellier replied gloomly. 

My kin will look to the wellbeing of the House of Starsight, if there is a survivor the swordmasters will bring them to safety. Malekith must have somehow known of Teclis’s plan, House Uthorin was upon the Starsight Mansion too fast for it to be a coincidence,” Ledreal added.

“Yes, fortunately the Starsights knew the role they played and pulled the ruse well. Victory was achieved at the cost of their House and a dense fog has risen from the waters of the world. Unfortunately Malekith has taken no time to twist Teclis’s plans to his advantage,” Rynellier said handing Firbael a note. “It seems you shadow warriors are of greater value than we estimated,” Rynellier said in a slightly happier tone.

Firbael read the note out loud, ‘A black ark sails from Har Ganeth. Keep a vigilant eye to the east.  Glory to the Phoenix King.’ Signed A A. Well I’ll be, the keeper of Malekith’s nightmares still has it in him.

“A vessel with black sails slipped through the fog to deliver the message ahead of the druchii convoy, eluding their corsairs and making great time as our kin made landfall in Tor Yvresse,” Ledreal commented.

“Contact was immediately established with Belannaer to relay the message. Malekith is using the dense fog we called upon the waters to covertly move a fleet against the eastern shore of Ulthuan,” Rynellier continued. “Belannaer has spoken with Tyrion and they have decided that we are to make haste to the Blighted Isle and keep a vigilant eye on the Great Ocean. The second we hear of the black ark passing the Blighted Isle we are to send word south and try to track its movements along the eastern shore updating its position whenever possible.”

“The communities of the northeast have already suffered greatly at the hands of raiders… how much more are the Asur to suffer for Malekith’s foolish ambitious,” Firbael said solemnly.

“While the corsairs may harass the shores, it is unlikely that the black ark will make landfall in the northeast. The message sent by our kin in Naggaroth also had a captured map with possible landing locations. Malekith’s eye has always been on Lothern so it is likely he will seek to open another front on it. Our mission is simply to buy Tyrion time to mobilize the Shining Guard,” Ledreal stated.

“To the north then my friends. And may many druchii perish along our journey,” Firbael replied.

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