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Dusk of Ulthuan

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Teclis’s plan to buy the smiths more time to equip the new hosts worked; the world was covered in a thick fog and for a brief while the scale of the war was drawn back. However, Malekith took no time turning the situation to his advantage. A message reached Tor Yvresse containing a bloodied map and note wound around a arrow and bound by a bow string. These articles plus the signature of A.A. are enough evidence to indicate that the Shadow King Alith Anar was the author of the note and is the loyal eye of Ulthuan in Naggaroth. The note warned of a Druchii invasion on the southeastern shore of Ulthuan consisting of a Black Ark for Har Ganeth, which undoubtedly is accompanied by a fleet of corsair ships. As Tyrion mobilizes the defenders of Ulthuan against this incoming threat, scouts in the Blighted Isle patiently await the passing of the Black Ark. As the fog envelopes the land, the sun sets and dusk encroaches on Ulthuan. Read more…

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