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Dusk of Ulthuan ~ Shrine of Asuryan

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The most holy site in all of Ulthuan, the Shrine of Asuryan bears great significance for both the Asur and the Druchii. Our most holy shrine fills Malekith’s soul with rage as the flames of Asuryan rejected him. Now he seeks to destroy Ulthuan’s most beloved shrine. We the priests of Asuryan can only aid your struggle with our prayers, but the legion of Phoenix Guards will give their life for the defense of the Phoenix Throne and the Shrine of Asuryan. While the fate of the Shrine has been foreseen by the oracles, but it is our duty to ensure that druchii boots do not tread in this holy sanctuary.

~ Letter from Aithanir, High Priest of the Shrine of Asuryan, to Tyrion, Defender of Ulthuan

Located on the Isle of Flame off the coast of Eataine in the Inner Sea, the Shrine of Asuryan is one of the most sacred locations of all of Ulthuan. Bearing great significance for the High Elves, it was in the Shrine that Malekith attempted to assert his right to the throne and was rejected by the flames of Asuryan. Now, in the Age of Reckoning as the Black Ark from Har Ganeth descends upon the south eastern coast of Ulthuan, the forces of the Dark Elves march under Malekiths command to assault the sacred shrine and raze it to the ground. Malekith believes that the sorcery of the priests of Asuryan will not deny him of his rightful claim. The defense of the Shrine rests in the hands of the Shining Guard and their allies.

The Shrine of Asuryan is a death-match scenario that takes place at the entrance of the shrine as the forces of Order hold the stairs and repel the Destruction invaders who push in from the southern sea route. This battle will only be won when enough blood has been shed.

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