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Dusk of Ulthuan ~ Tor Anroc

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“That cretin Bel-Shanaar usurped the throne from the true line of Aenarion, and during his reign his pitiful kingdom of Tiranoc grew fat off the wealth of Ulthuan. Fate did him and his wretched city justice when they sank into the sea and its people were consumed by the elements. The greatest shame is that the old fool did not see his grand city sink into the sea and his lands ripped asunder for the wrong he committed against my son.”

~ Morathi, Hag Queen of the Druchii

As dusk approaches Ulthuan, Tor Anroc makes a return to the scenario queue for Warhammer Online. In the initial aftermath of Teclis’s spell to cover the waters of the world in a dense fog the forces of Order pushed hard against Malekith’s foothold in Caledor. As the situation in Caledor grew more tenuous, Malekith had little choice but to pull back his Black Ark farther up the coast to a place that fate deemed ironically fitting for his new foothold – Tiranoc. After the death of Aenarion, Bel-Shanaar of Tiranoc was chosen to be the new Phoenix King, to usher the Asur into a new age of peace. During the Sundering perhaps no kingdom suffered a greater tragedy than Tiranoc as much of its lands were lost to the Great Ocean. Now players have the opportunity to return to Tor Anroc to battle amongst its ruins as they fight for the fate of Ulthuan.

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