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Dusk of Ulthuan Guide

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v1.7.2a consists of the Dusk of Ulthuan live event. This live event consists of 11 tasks for each realm. After the delivery of a warning note to the defenders of Ulthuan, Tyrion has mobilized scouts along the northeastern shore of Ulthuan to track the progress of the Black Ark from Har Ganeth and its escorting fleet. Players from both realms will clash over the fate of Ulthuan as the invasion force looms; it is not a question of whether or not the Druchii fleet will arrive, but rather when and where. Can the forces of Order aid the Shining Guard and alert the defenders of Ulthuan of the Black Ark’s location, or will the forces of Destruction rally behind House Uthorin and thwart the defenders? The fate of not only Lothern, but of all of Ulthuan rests in the hands of these two realms. Read more…

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