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Battle of the Phoenix Flame

The Battle of the Phoenix Flame by Gregorius Volff of Erengrad


The Black Ark from Har Ganeth has landed! Making landfall in eastern Eataine, along the border with Yvresse, the foul beast began to spew forth its army of death. A vicious battle across Ulthuan precluded the landing as the Shining Guard tried with all its might to reverse Malekith’s gains while the fog shrouded the island, and at the same time dedicated precious resources to tracking the Black Ark’s location. However, House Uthorin was viciously countering every move the High Elves made, slaying their couriers and opening counter offensives to flank the High Elves. While Malekith’s Fist was forced to withdraw from Caledor, the victory was short-lived as soon after the Black Ark from Har Ganeth made landfall.

Har Ganeth, a name no Asur dares utter. The cursed City of the Executioners has been called forth in the Age of Reckoning, and from the bowels of the black vessel spewed forth the very dread of Ulthuan – the Executioners. The horrid warriors of Malekith are loathed across all of Ulthuan for the atrocities they committed against the High Elves. During one of the largest expeditions against Naggaroth the High Elves ever carried out, the city of Har Ganeth was besieged and after many days of fighting the High Elves began to lose ground. Upon falling back the High Elves were slaughtered or taken prisoner – those taken prisoner were scarified alive in the name of  Khaine and the Executioners feasted on the Asur blood and flesh. Now these foul creatures march forth from the Black Ark into eastern Eataine to bring much despair to the land.

Tyrion had expected the Black Ark to land where it did and properly set up defenses, but the situation proved troubling with the Shrine of Asuryan laying between the Black Ark and Lothern. The time had come for Ulthuan to call forth its sons who give their life for the Phoenix King. With Finubar’s blessing, Tyrion issued forth a decree summoning all Phoenix Guards to join the Shining Guard in the greatest struggle against the forces of Malekith. Though the Executioners are savage creatures who crave the taste of blood, the Phoenix Guard are the most stoic defenders Ulthuan has ever known and they shall remind Har Ganeth of its gravest offense against Ulthuan.

The Executioners march forth from the Black Ark across eastern Eataine towards Lothern, and the Phoenix Guard has been called forth to meet their challenge. The Battle of the Phoenix Flame has begun.

Order players who obtained the Oath of Asuryan in the Dusk of Ulthuan Live Event have two weeks early access to the Phoenix Guard. Destruction players who obtained the Executioner’s Orders in the Dusk of Ulthuan Live Event have two weeks early access to the Executioner.

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