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Phoenix Guard – High Elf HDPS

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“There are Asur who live solely to protect the Phoenix King, both celestial and earthly. They give their lives in the name of the Phoenix King, and so dearly approach their task that they are said to be the most stalwart of defenders on all of Ulthuan. These awe-inspiring High Elves have sworn an oath of silence, for they have entered the Shrine of Asuryan and witnessed the might of Asuryan in the Chamber of Days, which chronicles the past and future of the Phoenix Kings; the knowledge they have been blessed with they have sworn to take to the grave, never uttering a word. Their greatest sacrifice came in the time before the Sundering, when Malekith sought to claim the right of the Phoenix King and assaulted the Shrine of Asuryan. In the battle that ensued many noble princes of Ulthuan were slain, but the Phoenix Guard gave their lives in the defense of the most holy shrine. They will not easily forget the gravest offense Malekith committed against Asuryan.”

~ Aithanir, High Priest of the Shrine of Asuryan

Phoenix Guard

Archtype – Heavy DPS

Armor – Heavy Splint

Weapon – Halberd

Mechanic – Asuryan’s Resolve

  • You fight with Asuryan to fuel your actions. You have a meter of 0-100 Asuryan’s Resolve. Your abilities either build or consume Asuryan’s Resolve. Every 20 Asuryan’s Resolve your damage is increased by 4%, for a total of 20% damage increase at 100 Asuryan’s Resolve, and your chance to critically hit by 2%, for a total of 10% critical hit bonus at 100 Asuryan’s resolve; however your magical resistances are decreased by 5%, for a total penalty of 25% magical resistance at 100 Asuryan’s Resolve.

Mastery Trees

  • Aenarion – A focus on dealing damage to a single target.
  • Tethlis – A focus on wide-spread damage.
  • Caledor – A focus on weakening your enemies. Read more…
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