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Executioner – Dark Elf HDPS

August 31, 2011 4 comments

“Cursed sons of Naggaroth! Of all the druchii, perhaps none are more loathed amongst the Asur than the Executioners of Har Ganeth. Damnation upon that cursed city! Even to utter its name sends chills down my spine. The sinister Executioners thrive on the cries of the weak and defenseless, they drink the blood of fallen, they consume the flesh of the living. No, these are not living creatures, these are the foul spawn of the cytharai. Woe unto Ulthuan for having to suffer their existence. 

~ Prince Eothein of Cothique


Archtype – Heavy DPS

Armor – Heavy Splint

Weapon – Greatsword

Mechanic – Sinister Determination

  • You feed off of the weakness of your foes. You have a meter of 0-100 Sinister Determination. Your abilities either build or consume Sinister Determination. Every 20 Sinister Determination your damage is increased by 4%, for a total of 20% damage increase at 100 Sinister Determination and your chance to critically hit by 2%, for a total of 10% critical hit bonus at 100 Sinister Determination; however your magical resistances are decreased by 5%, for a total penalty of 25% magical resistance at 100 Sinister Determination.

Mastery Trees

  • Tullaris – A focus on directing your attention at one foe.
  • Malekith – A focus on wide-spread slaughter.
  • Har Ganeth – A focus on weakening your foes further. Read more…
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