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Night of the Crooked Moon Teaser

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Blasted greenskins. There’s no end to the grudges that wretched lot will cause. Hold after hold has fallen to that filty lot, and now they march in allegiance with the forces of the dark gods. As if the dwarves didn’t have enough grudges to fight for, grim tidings make their way to the High King. The rangers who patrol the World’s Edge Mountains have been the eyes and ears of Karak Ankor for ages, and in this age they bear none too happy news. Chuffing goblins, though clever little beasts, are the root of the High Kings newest concerns.

Ranger reports have begun to pour in from across the mountains. The night goblin tribes stir. Their activities would normally go unnoticed as they dwell deep in the moutains, but of recent they have begun to emerge from their dark lairs. Goblins bearing the banner of the Bloody Sun have been seen talking with the night goblins, presumably forging some alliance. Regardless of the possibility that the two forces are working together, our rangers have already reported the night goblins emerging from Karak Ungor harassing the human settlements to the west, and our mining operations in Mount Gunbad have reported intense night goblin activity. Then worse news yet comes from the east along the Silver Road. While the Red Eye’s of Karak Ungor are of little immediate threat, and the Moonfang goblins of Gunbad held at bay for now by the Oathbearers at the surface, the eastern pass of Karaz-a-Karak lays thinly defended. Mount Grimfang stirs to life, and we the defenders of Karaz-a-Karak have been ordered to hold the Silver Road until reinforcements arrive.

The worst of the news comes from isolated outposts still near Karak Eight Peaks. There our forces are weakest and least able to hold back the tide. The Crooked Moon horde marches north to join the Bloody Sun Boyz. Perhaps the darkest days are yet to come… dark days with darker nights… Valaya protect us in the darkness to come. 

~ Gudrin Ironhand, Blacksmith of Karaz-a-Karak

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