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Night of the Crooked Moon ~ Crooked Moon Pass

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“Oi Frump, were are we now?”

“We iz in da Badlands.”

“And where we goin’?”

“To da Crooked Moon Pass”

“Where’s dat?”

“Dat’s were wez goin Furgizz”

“Yea but how we know when we get there?”

“When we find da pass big enough for all da Crooked Moon gobbos, den dats the Crooked Moon Pass.”

~ Frump and Furgizz, Night Goblins of the Crooked Moon tribe

The World’s Edge Mountains are a monstrous chain of mountains that bisect the Old World. To their east lay the desolate lands foresaken by the Old Ones; barren lands filled with blood-thirsty creatures feeding on the flesh of anything living. However to the dwarves all manners of mountains are home, be they in the wet jungles of the Southlands or the icy peaks of the north. There are those among the races of both men and dwarves who will risk life and limb for the sake of profit, and to these types the dangerous eastern wastes are a risk worth taking. Through the rugged World’s Edge Mountains, which the dwarves call home, several passes cross. From the High Pass in the north, to the Charnel Valley in the south, these strategic routes through the World’s Edge Mountains offer ways across the lofty mountains.  However, traders are not the only ones to make use of these passes, so too do armies and ravenous hordes of creatures of chaos. With the Night Goblins amassing and moving north from the Badlands, such passes are key to linking their multitudes together. Central between Karaz-a-Karak and Karak Eight Peaks is a pass which the greenskins have dubbed Crooked Moon Pass, it is here that a bloody struggle will ensue as the dwarves seek to hold the route closed to their greenskin enemies.

Crooked Moon Pass is a deathmatch scenario with multiple spawn points along the edges of the map. Both factions will have to navigate the treacherous pass and seek ways to ambush their enemy and escape unseen into the scenery. With so many points of assault, there is no where safe in Crooked Moon Pass.

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