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War of Karak Ankor ~ Night Goblin Fanatic

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“Strange little creatures… You assume from their size and their race that the night goblin fanatics will be as cowardly and weak as other goblins, but the night goblin fanatics are certainly of another blood. Powered by the unknown powers of their strange gods, these goblins possess a strength equal to creatures four times their size. Driven into a drunken stupor by their overlords, the fanatics charge into combat wrecking havoc and leaving behind a trail of carnage. While they are not allies I would like to rely on, they have their worth in the thick of a brutal melee…”

~ Prince Kharrillian of Clar Karond

Night Goblin Fanatic

Archtype – Heavy DPS

Armor – Heavy Splint

Weapon – Ball & Chain

Mechanic – Fungal Brew

  • You charge into combat fueled the intoxicating mushrooms of the deepest caverns. You have a pool of 200 Fanatic’s Frenzy points. Your abilities will consume Fanatic’s Frenzy as you fight. You can take a drink of Fungal Brew to replenish your Fanatic’s Frenzy in combat.

Mastery Trees

  • Bloodfang – A mastery path focused on crushing the target of your choice.
  • Mad Cap – A mastery path focused on dealing wide-spread damage.
  • Spikespore – A mastery path focused on weakening your enemies.

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