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Dawn of Destruction Teaser

“My lord, I have reason to believe the vile northern barbarians are stirring to the east. Several of my scouts in Ostermark haven’t reported in weeks. I fear a grim fate has befallen them. The few that did report all mention that corruption is enveloping the land. One says he could even taste the taint of Chaos in the air around the blasted tomb city of Mordheim. I have decided to personally investigate this matter. Sigmar protect you if you don’t hear from me in a two weeks after receiving this letter, you should assume me dead; and whatever wretched horror is happening in Mordheim – a severe threat to the Empire! I trust you will bring swift and terrible justice upon barbarian and heretic alike should the worst transpire. By the gods, I hope I’m wrong!

Yours faithfully,
Herzl Kupfer”

Alexander Schwarzmord beheld the ominous letter he had received from his division’s master scout and minutely pondered on it. Two more dawns and it would have been two weeks since he’d received it. He would have to give orders later for a regiment to be mobilized and sent to the dead city. They would purge out all traces of corruption or die trying. He had little regard for the lives of his subordinates- he had found that executing cowards in the field of battle to be an exceptionally potent stimulus for his remaining men to fight that much harder. By doing so he’d tuned the tide during a skaven incursion in Volksgrad during the first years of his ascention in office. The Inquisitor Lord, however, had much more urgent matters than the possibility of invasion from the east occupying his immediate attention. A second letter he had received just hours ago presented summons for him to investigate a recently apprehended heretic, currently held in a prison in Praag. The writing was scribbly and rushed- spatters of ink tinting the text, making sections nearly illegible. Whoever had written this had done so with little regard for the customary pompousness of correspondence with someone of similar office. A measly heretic did not warrant such urgency. Especially considering he should have been executed on sight. There was a reason for him to still live. The Inquisitor rose from his desk, gathering both letters and putting them away in his coat. He came out of his study signaling to his quire waiting patiently by the door.


“Prepare my mount. I ride for Praag beofre daybreak.”

He paused for a bit.

“Also make arrangements for a regiment to be mobilized and ready to travel to Ostermark in three days.”

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  1. September 12, 2011 at 9:20 PM

    This post written by guest-author Archexecutor of Karak Norn =)

  2. Georgi Valchev (@Archexecutor)
    September 13, 2011 at 11:33 AM

    That guy is such a total noob!

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