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Dawn of Destruction

September 10, 2011 Leave a comment

As dawn encroaches on Ulthuan and night settles on the World’s Edge Mountains, a grim dusk is born in the realm of Chaos. Foul forces stir in the northern rim of the world as the winds of Chaos blow south to the realm of men.  The campaign against the Empire stalls as men put up an unexpected resistance, and the inclusion of the realm of Kislev only serves to frustrate the Raven Host more. Tzeentch breathes the wind of change and he will not stop until the realm of men is twisted to his vision. While Tzeentch offers Tchar’zanek a new host to aid in the struggle against the kingdoms of men, Tchar’zanek bows to his lord’s will and increases aggressions against the Empire’s weaker provinces. The eastern provinces, ravaged both by war and by nature, offer little resistance to the Lord of Change, and it is here where the realm of men will rally to defend their race. Read more…

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