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Dawn of Destruction

As dawn encroaches on Ulthuan and night settles on the World’s Edge Mountains, a grim dusk is born in the realm of Chaos. Foul forces stir in the northern rim of the world as the winds of Chaos blow south to the realm of men.  The campaign against the Empire stalls as men put up an unexpected resistance, and the inclusion of the realm of Kislev only serves to frustrate the Raven Host more. Tzeentch breathes the wind of change and he will not stop until the realm of men is twisted to his vision. While Tzeentch offers Tchar’zanek a new host to aid in the struggle against the kingdoms of men, Tchar’zanek bows to his lord’s will and increases aggressions against the Empire’s weaker provinces. The eastern provinces, ravaged both by war and by nature, offer little resistance to the Lord of Change, and it is here where the realm of men will rally to defend their race.

The Dawn of Destruction is a live event centered around the conflict raging between the realm of the Empire and Chaos. The entry of Kislev into the war on the side of the forces of Order has proven a thorn in the side of the Raven Host. Praag acts as the bulwark against the forces of Destruction while the rest of Kislev fuels the defenders, but the hosts of Tchar’zanek will not ignore these affronts much longer. While the center of the Empire is tied up in plague, corruption, and sedition, the Raven Host is making plans to sweep up the weaker provinces of the Empire into a bloody conflict which will shatter their resolve. Foreseeing the grave threat that encroaches on the stability of the Empire, Karl Franz is mobilizing more of his forces to secure the fringes of the Empire against the coming onslaught. Can the forces of Order bulwark the defenses of the Empire, or will the forces of Destruction succeed in swelling the tide of Chaos?

Streets of the Damned & Beacons of the Frontier
Introducing the two newest scenarios to Warhammer Online! War looms in the eastern fringes of the Empire, thus far spared a direct assault by the Raven Host. Both factions mobilize their forces to this desolate region where men eke out a living on the harsh land fighting not only the chill of winter, but also the dread of the Chaos winds. It is in these two new locations where the battle of the Empire will take its toll. More on these to come!

Dawn of Destruction

As players participate in the Dawn of Destruction Live Event they have the opportunity to gain new items to aid them in their struggle. The Basic Reward for the Dawn of Destruction live event is: the Torn Lyceum Scroll for the forces of Order, and the Broken Empire Hilt for the forces of Destruction – these items are unique live event waist-mounted trophies. The Advanced Reward for the Dawn of Destruction live event is: the Order of Mordheim Brooch for the forces of Order, and the Mark of the Raven Vanguard for the forces of Destruction – unique live event jewelry items. The Elite Rewards for the Dawn of Destruction are: the Imperial Call to Arms for the forces of Order, and the Icon of the Lord of Change for the forces of Destruction – these are unique items which grant players early access to new content ushered in by the Dawn of Destruction live event, but they can only be attained by completing all the tasks! Who will show their valor in the fight for the fate of men across the plains and mountains of the Old World?

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