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Dawn of Destruction – Streets of the Damned

“That city reeks of chaos and corruption. Burn it to the ground I say! Take it apart stone by stone and ground the stones into a dust to be carried off by the wind! Nothing good can come from that foul cesspool. It was by Sigmar’s comet that the town was destroyed, and it must be by our hands that it is removed from the face of the world! I tell you, everyday we let that city stand, corruption will foster within its bowls and rise up to taint the Empire!”

~ Horus Fierdorff, Inquisitor of Averheim

In the desolate eastern fringes of the Empire lays the dreaded city of Mordheim. Destroyed by a comet from the heavens, now the living dare not tread on its cursed grounds; instead the undead claim it as their own. With skaven tunneling under they city trying to recover fragments of the coment and the undead thirsting for living flesh outside, none can even bare to speak of this place, let alone go there. However, in the abandoned and tainted ruins of Mordheim the forces of the Raven Host seek power. Any taint of chaos is sufficient to plant a seed of corruption, and Mordheim is ripe ground for the spread of contagion throughout the Empire. It is here that Tchar’Zanek will send his forces to unearth the corrosive powers of the fallen comet and lure the forces of the Empire into the streets ruled by the dead. Here the realm of Order will fight to suppress the rise of more dreadful taints of Chaos.

The Streets of the Damned scenario is a murderball scenario as players vie over control of the lethal shards of the comet that destroyed Mordheim. While the shards increase the power of players, they also wear them down leading to their death, for none can dare to handle this stone and not suffer the consequences. However, at all times players must interact with the shards and attempt to control them, for if none control the shards then the undead shall rise and seek to claim them for their own… should this happen then woe unto the living!

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  1. jdjd djdjd
    September 15, 2011 at 2:56 PM

    when i first saw this i thought Salzenmund

    • Georgi Valchev (@Archexecutor)
      September 16, 2011 at 2:01 AM

      The shot is supposed to depict the Rock- sole bastion of the Sisters of Sigmar, which did not get blasted by the comet during the actual blasting:)

      According to an official map, it stands in the middle of a river, which splits Mordheim in two: http://dannyjigg.co.uk/Mordheim/mordheimmap.jpg

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