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Dawn of Destruction – Beacons of the Frontier

“Your duty begins today. You guard not only the frontier of the Empire, but you guard your land, your home. your family. Mark these words well and carry them in your heart as you take on the mantle of the frontier watchman. Keep an ever vigilant eye to the mist beyond, see that which comes unannounced. Keep an ever vigilant ear to the land around, hear that which moves unseen. Keep a vigilant hand on the ground, feel that which comes with undue haste. Nature is an unforgiving mistress, but over the years you will sharpen your senses and learn to feel the land. Protect the land, and it will protect you.”

~ Tul Waalen, Captain of the Frontier Watch

Far to the north-east of the Empire lays the desolate province of Ostermark. Here people eke out an existence on the rugged land, forging a race of people as unforgiving as the land they live on. The people of this harsh land receive little thanks for the burden they carry, but carry it with as much pride and honor as they can muster. It is here along the harsh north-eastern frontier of the Empire that the watchmen keep an eye to the north. Across the Upper Talabec lays the realm of Kislev, frequently ravaged by the hordes of Chaos. Sparsely populated the defense of the League of Ostermark and of the Empire lays in the speed of warning. In this land where swamps, mires, and forests dominate the landscape, travel by foot has no place. No, the quickest form of warning is by smoke and fire. Lining the border of Ostermark are scores of towers rising from water-logged swamps and above gloomy forests; towers made of stone, wood, and clay. With an ever vigilant eye on the frontiers of the province, the watchmen guard against undead hosts, greenskin hordes, and Chaos legions, and when those who threaten the Empire appear the Beacons of Ostermark are lit.

The Beacons of the Frontier is a king-of-the-hill scenario as players from both factions converge on one of the beacons that marks the frontier between the Empire and Kislev. The forces of Destruction assault the lone outpost from the north, but advanced warnings from other beacons have alerted the forces of Order who march south. Now both factions fight over this beacon in an attempt to control it and the message of invasion it carries.

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