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Dawn of Destruction Guide

September 13, 2011 Leave a comment

1.7.4a consists of the Dawn of Destruction live event. This live event has 11 tasks for players to complete while participating in the Dawn of Destruction. Empire forces have begun to apprehend strange warriors of Chaos, creatures of deadly strength and unseen power. With the incursion of the Night Goblins from Karak Ungor to the east and the recent south-eastern thrust of the Raven Host, Karl Franz is anticipating a full-scale attack on the weakened frontier provinces of the Empire, but without further information he is unsure how to deploy his troops. One thing is for certain, a new host will be necessary to counter the powerful warriors of Chaos that have emerged. Can the forces of Order track the movements of the Raven Host and prepare for their assault, or will the forces of Destruction succeed in weaving a web of disinformation and stall the Order of the Griffon’s mobilization? Read more…

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