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Sea of Swords

A Song of Clashing Blades by Gregorius Volff of Erengrad


Though the leaders of the Empire had known the Chaos assault would strike in the east, they did not expect the exact location and sheer magnitude of the Raven Hosts legions. Try as they may, the Bright Wizards could not constantly track the movements of the Raven Host as they were clouded by powerful spells cast by Tchar’zanek’s magi. Tzeentch had promised Tchar’zanek a new host to lead the Raven Host to victory, but only if he could display his prowess as a Champion of Tzeentch. And so the Chaos legions marched south along the eastern side of the World’s Edge Mountains, ready to strike at the weakened frontier of the Empire.

Traversing across the World’s Edge Mountains via hidden underground tunnels, compliments of the Red Eye Night Goblins of Karak Ungor, the Raven Host emerged in Kislevite territory on the northern bank of the Upper Talabec. With their eyes turned south they faced the dreary province of Ostermark, scarcely populated and thinly defended. With no true way to defend itself against a widespread invasion, the League of Ostermark depended on rapid communications with their frontier towers to deploy their soldiers where they were needed. When the Raven Host appeared on the horizon the frontier watch-towers immediately began to light their beacons to signal Bechafen, Kislev, and hopefully Altdorf. The Celestial Wizards claim that nothing travels faster than light, and true to their word the alarm of invasion reached Bechafen within minutes, and by the time the Raven Host had fully assembled on the northern bank of the Upper Talabec Altdorf was thrown into chaos as generals ran with haste to gather their marching orders from Karl Franz. Reinforcements would not arrive in Ostermark for weeks; the people of that province would have to disappear into the fens and fight a guerrilla war buying time for the main body of the Empire’s army to arrive.

Among the first peculiarities noticed by the watchmen of Ostermark were the massive men leading the companies of the Raven Host. These giants-among-men hailing from the high jagged mountains of Norsca were Tzeentch’s gift to his champion, Tchar’zanek. Known as the Harbingers of Tzeentch, these fierce warriors were once solitary sheep-herds whose minds were susceptible to the winds of Change. With but a touch of the wind of Change they were transformed into deadly warriors .

Karl Franz, sensing the shift in the winds, had accordingly rallied his soldiers to face the new threat. Sailing earlier directly up the River Talabec were the legendary Greatswords of Carroburg. Karl Franz stationed them centrally within the Empire at Talabheim knowing that from that location they could better respond to any threat. When the news of invasion reached the Imperial Court, the Greatswords were immediately shipped north along the Talabec into Ostermark. First into battle against the Raven Host, they would bear the brunt of the assault. Sailing up the Talabec in their open barges, the Raven Host was about to witness the arrival of a sea of swords.

Order players who obtained the Imperial Call to Arms in the Dawn of Destruction Live Event have two weeks early access to the Greatsword. Destruction players who obtained the Icon of the Lord of Change in the Dawn of Destruction Live Event have two weeks early access to the Harbinger of Tzeentch.

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