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Sea of Swords – Greatsword

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“Never before have you seen such an imposing host among the armies of the Empire. Dressed in such finery, equipped with gleaming blades, standing tall and strong, the Greatswords of Carroburg are certainly an awe-inspiring force. Such is their training that a Greatsword handles their heavy blade with great precision, and with an ease that would lead one to believe they were swinging a feather in their hands. These mighty warriors are symbols of the Emperor’s authority, but woe unto any enemy that is forced to encounter them on the battlefield. One Greatsword is a sight to behold, but a regiment of Greatswords is sure to bring swift victory!”

~ Oswald von Horst, Prefect of Nuln


Archtype – Heavy DPS

Armor – Heavy Splint

Weapon – Greatsword

Mechanic – Combat Maneuvers

  • Your precise training has prepared you for many different situations. You assume different battlefield tactics enhancing one aspect of your combat prowess while leaving another weaker. You can change your combat maneuvers in action to better adapt to the situation on hand.

Mastery Trees

  • Carroburg – You focus on destroying enemy heavy armor units.
  • Averheim – You focus on dealing wide-spread damage.
  • Nuln – You focus on weakening your enemies. Read more…
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