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Shift in Focus

September 21, 2011 Leave a comment

Good tidings one and all! While many of my readers were expecting a continuation with my project today, alas I must announce that there shall be a brief interlude. Writing every day is really taxing. My fingers bleed from all the typing and my brain is frazzled from all the pondering. My friend who has been doing all the art for my project likewise is suffering multiple symptoms of abuse – bleeding eyes, twisted fingers, schizophrenia, etc. So for the sake of our sanity I’ve decided to throw in a brief break in the Hypothetical universe [Mythic breaths a sigh of relief] and briefly return to a more analytical/critical view of the goings-on of WAR [Mythic groans in agony]. Coincidentally with the timing of WAR’s 3rd year anniversary worked well with the end of my 3rd hypothetical patch-cycle, so pausing at this moment works well. Over the next few days while my creative juices replenish and my friends fingers and eyes return to normality I shall discuss the WAR of then and now, not the WAR that can be. Don’t fret, it won’t be a long break and soon enough I’ll dive into my 1.8.x patch cycle.

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