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Proliferation of WAR ~ Tiranoc

The history of Ulthuan is one of great struggle and sacrifice; many kingdoms lay claim to great sacrifice in the name of the Asur, but perhaps first among the kingdoms to shed blood at the hands of treachery was the outer kingdom of Tiranoc.

In ages past the hordes of Chaos poured forth from the polar gates and threatened the very existence of all that was living in the world. The elves, led by Aenarion, confronted the daemon armies and waged costly battles to hold the powers of Chaos at bay. While Aenarion sought to defeat the daemons by martial prowess, Caledor Dragontamer turned to the Winds of Magic and attempted to create a vortex to siphon off the winds of Chaos and safely drain them. In an ensuing Chaos Incursion Aenarion drew the Sword of Khaine and confronted four greater daemons, and in doing so damned his bloodline, while Caledor and the mages crafted the vortex. Victory was achieved at a steep price – Caledor and the mages were forever locked in the vortex stuck in space and time, while Aenarion and his dragon Indraugnir were fatally wounded and flew off to the Blighted Isle to return the Sword of Khaine where they both died.

The death of Aenarion left the seat of the Phoenix King empty and the elves had seen what a warrior-like leader was capable of. Malekith being of the tainted line of Aenarion and being of the warrior-mind was a poor candidate for the Phoenix king; no, the elves wanted someone to usher in an age of peace, and so they chose Bel-Shanaar of Tiranoc. And so Tiranoc became the central kingdom of Ulthuan with Tor Anroc as the seat of the Phoenix Throne, and in this age of peace and prosperity Tiranoc prospered and grew wealthy. Malekith had acquiesced to the Phoenix Crown passing over him to Bel Shanaar inasmuch as it allowed him to learn his own strength and grow his armies. After centuries of warfare in the colonies and exploration of the dark reaches of the Chaos Wastes, Malekith returned to Ulthuan more powerful and made his move on the Phoenix Throne. He assassinated Bel Shanaar, held the heir to the throne of Tiranoc hostage and set sail for the Shrine of Asuryan to walk through the Flames of Asuryan and claim his birthright – the Phoenix Throne. Alas Asuryan did not deem Malekith worthy and rejected him, burning the elf nearly to death.

In the ensuing civil war elf fought elf, and those loyal to Malekith became the Druchii, the dark elves. Caledor I was chosen as the new Phoenix King, a warrior king for a time of strife. For years the Druchii led by Morathi lay waste to Ulthuan, no kingdom was spared. Finally in a fateful encounter the forces of Ulthuan confronted the hosts of Malekith and defeated him. In a final effort to destroy what he could not conquer, Malekith’s sorcerers unleashed powerful magics to overload the vortex and let loose the winds of Chaos – the event known as the Sundering. In the Sundering Nagarythe suffered greatly and was torn asunder, but perhaps the saddest fate befell upon the shattered Kingdom of Tiranoc. With a third of its lands falling into the seas, along with its capital of Tor Anroc, much of the heritage of this Kingdom was lost. With all the heirs to Bel Shanaar’s family line dead or missing, the kingdom of Tiranoc was thrown into disarray.

Now, millenia after the Sundering the grass has regrown, the animals have returned, and the elves have rebuilt their homes; but in the Age of Reckoning grim tidings have washed upon the shores of Tiranoc once more. In a desperate gamble to throw the forces of Destruction into confusion, Teclis shrouded the seas in a dense fog. This act allowed the Shining Guard to push upon Malekith’s stronghold in Caledor, the Black Ark Malekith’s Fist, with knowledge that reinforcements could not aid its defenses. Forced to retreat, Malekith sailed the Black Ark further north up the coast to Tiranoc and made landfall there, raining terror once more upon the lands of his hated predecessor Bel Shanaar. While the High Elves have pushed the House Uthorin out of Caledor for now, they have only served to open up another front in this greater war. The struggle continues in Tiranoc.

Between the Anulii Mountains and the Great Ocean lays the kingdom of Tiranoc – a land of green plains sweeping down from the mountains ending abruptly as the land meets the sea in sheer cliffs. Time has done much to heal the wounds of the Sundering and return life to this land, but not all scars can be hidden. The Naganath River, an icy river carving a deep chasm as it roars towards the Great Ocean, forms the northern border of Tiranoc – beyond it lay the dark lands of Nagarythe. On the northern shore of the Naganath the Druchii have made camp at Malekith’s Return as they prepare to renew their thrust into Caledor. Much conquest has already taken place in Tiranoc as the Druchii fortify two key positions – the first an imposing keep on the northern shore of the Naganath with walls protecting the southern bank: Lirieth’s Retribution, and the second a dark citadel hewed into the Anulii: Kheranion’s Deceit. The forces of the Shining Guard set up their forward camp along the mountains of Caledor to the south – their camp bearing the name of the heir to the throne of Tiranoc: Anataris’s Return.

The struggle over Tiranoc will stretch from the shores of the Great Ocean to the Anulii. The forces of Order and Destruction will battle over key beach-heads where the Druchii corsair ships seek anchor – one of those beaches consisting of the sunken outer fringes of Tor Anroc. The streets of the small town of Nalaraec have already fallen to the hosts of House Uthorin, but there is still time to save the new capital of Tiranoc, Tor Tyroc. Bloodshed shall spare none, from the nobles of the Lillerond Estate to the priestesses of Isha’s Sanctuary in the Anulii foothills. As the famed charioteers of Tiranoc ride out to confront their hated kin, the Shining Guard musters to hold the Eagle Gate so that reinforcements from the Inner Kingdoms can arrive.

A new front has opened in the battle for Ulthuan. Tiranoc which has already seen so much devastation is once more thrown into the fray. Who will prevail in this land which bears the scars of Malekith’s betrayal?

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