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Proliferation of WAR ~ East Eataine

Tucked away in the south-eastern corner of Ulthuan is the eastern half of the Kingdom of Eataine. The Inner Kingdom of Eataine straddles the Straits of Lothern – the passage which links the Inner Sea to the Great Ocean, and along the Straits of Lothern is the grand capital of Eataine after which the straits get their name. Eataine has prospered greatly in times of peace as one of the chief commercial hubs connecting Ulthuan to the other corners of the world, but even times of woe have brought suffering to Eataine’s shores.

The Inner Kingdom of Eataine is divided into two halves, with the western half bordering Caledor and the eastern half bordering Saphery and Yvresse. In past wars the western half of Eataine has seen great suffering and strife as Malekith has set his eye on Lothern. But where the west lives ever closer to the shadow of Naggarond, the eastern half of Eataine has known peace and solace.

On the opposite end of Ulthuan lays Nagarythe, the Shadowlands, which in more ways than just geography serves as the opposite of Eastern Eataine. Where the Shadowlands are a region ravaged by the Sundering, Eastern Eataine is bathed in the sun and deer frolic amongst the orchards and vineyards. Where the Shadowlands are a dark grim corner of Ulthuan, Eastern Eataine is full of warmth and joy. Where the Shadowlands are soaked in the blood of both the Asur and the Druchii, Eastern Eataine has passed through the annals of history in peace – there has been but one major event of bloodshed which marked the history of Eastern Eataine and defined it.

In ages past the elves were one race, but fate would not have this so. The winds of Chaos, suppressed by Caledor Dragontamer’s vortex, sought to sow discord amongst the elves, and they found welcome ear with Malekith’s mother – Morathi. Morathi forged dark pacts with the Chaos gods to further her power and influence and spread vile cults of the Cytharai. The Phoenix King of that time, Bel Shanaar, had called together a council of all the kingdom’s princes to meet upon the Isle of Flame to elect a general to crush the cults. Malekith, a respected general, had defeated his mother once and sought the role of commander of the elven armies, but Bel Shanaar did not trust him. Bel Shanaar’s mistrust proved well-grounded as Malekith poisoned the Phoenix King and set sail for the Isle of Flame off the shores of Eastern Eataine to prove to the princes that he was destined to be the Phoenix King.

With all the key princes of Ulthuan gathered, save for Imrik of Caledor, Malekith and his knights made landfall on the Isle of Flame and began to slaughter the unarmed princes on the grounds of the shrine and within its marble halls. While a brutal battle raged around the Shrine of Asuryan Malekith boldly entered the flames of Asuryan to prove he was worthy of the Phoenix Crown; but the flames rejected him. On this day not only was Malekith burned so fatally he lived on the razor’s edge of life, but most of the princes and their heirs to all the kingdoms of Ulthuan lost their lives. And so while Eastern Eataine may have been spared the bloodshed of countless incursions of ages past, it is the bloodshed caused on that fateful day on the Isle of Flame which forever earned Eastern Eataine its place in the annals of history.

Spared the sounds and sights of warfare for millenia, Eastern Eataine has existed as an sanctuary of peace. But in the Age of Reckoning everything will change. Malekith has not forgotten the shrine which so disfigured him. Malekith has not forgotten the role the Phoenix Guard played in joining the armies of Caledor I and defeating Malekith. And Malekith has not yet let his eye stray from the coveted city of Lothern. With the western half of Eataine swept up in the war for the survival of Ulthuan, Malekith has sent for his bloodiest soldiers to open a second front on Lothern – the Executioners of Har Ganeth. Malekith is determined to claim Lothern as his, and no corner of Ulthuan will be safe while this threat exists.

Landing along the southern shore of Eastern Eataine, the Druchii have made camp at the Har Ganeth Landing Warcamp. However, this portion of Eataine due to its proximity to the Shrine of Asuryan upon the Isle of Flame is greatly protected by the Phoenix Guard who call this land home. Along the northern shore nearest to Lothern the Shining Guard has made their camp at Asuryan’s Watch Warcamp. From here they will martial the hosts of the Phoenix Guard and repel the invaders into the sea. Two stalwart bastions of the Phoenix Guard hold watch over this land – in the east in the foothills of the Anulii is the Grove of Isha, and in the west atop a high cliff  is the Eagle’s Aerie, which guards the bridge to the gates of Lothern.

Straddled between the Inner Sea and the Great Ocean, Eastern Eataine is divided by the Graces Descent River which flows from the tip of the Anulii into the Straits of Lothern. North of this river are the Plains of Yvraine, the daughter of Aenarion and Astarielle. On these plains the Phoenix Guard hold sway with their strongholds of the Phoenix Academy and the Phoenix Landing – the latter being the primary port to the Isle of Flame. Centrally located along the Plains of Yvraine is the massive town of Summer’s Bloom, the primary town of Eastern Eataine. And further towards the foothills of the Anulii are the Amber Blossom Orchards.

The southern shore of the Graces Descent River consists of the Plains of Morelion, the son of Aenarion and Astarielle. Here Eataine flows into the Great Ocean and peace and solace reign over the land. Along the foothills of the Anulii are the Cylesean Vineyards which produce the exquisite elven wines. Across from the town of Summer’s Bloom is a massive plaza which is the epitome of calm and serenity – the Evercalm Retreat. Here elves wander amongst the fountains and gazebos, find peace in shade of mighty graceful trees; it is here at the Evercalm Retreat where poets find inspiration and songwriters listen to birds for their next great composition. Further to the west is the estate of Honeydrop Glenn, where beekeepers collect sweet honey from the bees to sweeten the most delicate of wines. Along the shores of the Great Ocean and the Straits of Lothern are the Sunset Terraces, a place where true harmony bathes the shores of Ulthuan.

Eastern Eataine has known peace for centuries. Since that dreadful day when Malekith dared to insult Asuryan, Eastern Eataine has been recovering from the scars of that memory, a memory so distant in the past, yet to near to their homes. But peace cannot exist forever so long as Malekith craves what he cannot have. The days of peace in Eastern Eataine have ended. The arrival of the Executioners of Har Ganeth has shattered the serenity that existed in Eastern Eataine. Now the forces of the Shining Guard must marshal to confront the Druchii and shed their blood once and for all on the shores of Eastern Eataine. It is only with the shedding of Druchii blood that peace can be attained.

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