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Proliferation of WAR ~ Mount Grimfang

No grudge strikes the dwarves dearer than that which is closest to home and heart. Karaz-a-Karak, the seat of the High King of the Dwarves, lays situated somewhat centrally amongst the dwarven holds in the mountains of the Old World, and its nearest neighbor was the hold of Mount Silverspear. Alas fate did not smile upon the dwarves of Silverspear, which was to be but one of many holds to fall in the Age of Strife.

The dwarves have long been a race which took fierce pride in all they crafted and achieved. Pride in their ancestors, pride in their arms and armor, pride in their craftsmanship, pride in their beards, pride in their beer, and of course, pride in their bellies. In ages past the realm of the dwarves spanned all the mountains of the Old World, with dense concentrations in the World’s Edge Mountains and Black Mountains, and other settlements in the Grey Mountains and Mountains of Mourn. But then there came a time which shook the very foundations of dwarven society as earthquakes rocked the land and volcanoes erupted – the Time of Woes.

The Time of Woes would mark the end of the dwarven golden age.This was a period in dwarven history which marked the fall of many holds – each recorded with a great grudge in the Dammaz Kron. Shortly after the earthquakes and volcanoes tore apart the mountains, the dwarven holds began to get overrun by the numerous hordes of Greenskins and Skaven. First to fall was the northern hold of Karak Ungor to the Night Goblins, shortly followed by Karak Varn, Ekrund, and Mount Gunbad. Within but a few years of the natural disasters four major holds fell, but this was followed by a consolidation of holds and a century of relative peace.

Mount Silverspear lay on the eastern edge of the World’s Edge Mountains on a spine of mountains jutting out into the barren Darklands. Built upon a rich silver lode, Mount Silverspear was the primary supplier of silver for all of Karak Ankor. It was directly linked to the capital of Karaz-a-Karak, which lay on the western face of the World’s Edge Mountains, via the Silver Road and therefore was also Karaz-a-Karak’s closest neighbor. However proximity was no guarantor of safety, and with Mount Silverspear surrounded by greenskin infested lands, fate was working against it. The Age of Strife began a century after the Time of Woes, beginning with the Silver Road Wars. A Greenskin WAAAAGH! led by Warlord Urk Grimfang besieged the hold and stormed its halls. The assault was too overwhelming, nothing could be done to counter such a horde. And so Mount Silverspear fell to the Greenskins,was heavily fortified, and rechristened by its new master as Mount Grimfang. No longer would silver flow from its mines to the coffers of Karaz-a-Karak, but instead it would serve as a reminder so close to the dwarven capital of the savagery of the Greenskins.

Now in the Age of Reckoning, Gazbag has called upon all the Nigh Goblins to rise and join the Bloody Sun Boyz in assaulting Karaz-a-Karak. The most immediate threat to the dwarves is the massive concentration of the Greenskin filth at Mount Grimfang. Learning of this news, High King Thorgrim Grudgebearer has decided to take preemptive action and strike at Mount Grimfang to avenge the first grudge of the Age of Strife. If the dwarves can strike the Night Goblins and weaken them before they amass, they have a greater chance of standing against the Bloody Sun Boyz and their new Night Goblin allies.

The Oathbearers have already begun to arrive at Mount Grimfang, setting up camp atop the high mountains at the Oathguard Ridge Warcamp. Their timing could not have been better as the Bloody Sun Boyz have also begun to arrive from the south and have fortified the ridge on the opposite side of Deadrock Gap. Their main camp is situated at the Thunda Catcha Warcamp as they prepare for the main advance of their armies. Barring the entrance to the Silver Road as it heads west is the mighty dwarven keep of Bar Agril – the Silver Gate. This is the first defense Karaz-a-Karak has against the hordes of Mount Grimfang, and many a time has it been tested and withstood the bloody assaults. Deep within the halls of Mount Grimfang lays the greenskin stronghold of Goregrin’s Hold – a crude bastardization of a dwarven keep which has been fouled by Greenskin filth as they claim it as their own.

In the World’s Edge Mountains the dwarven presence is strong, as they bar many access points and watch over lowland valleys raining fire upon the Greenskins. North of Deadrock Gap above the dwarven keep of Bar Agril lays the Thunder Battery – a large array of cannons and mortars which provide covering fire for the keep below. North of this location there is also a large cavern opening leading into the depths of Gunbad,  a closely guarded location ever threatening the dwarves hold in this region. Further to the east lays a dwarven mining settlement at Kolaz Azgal which attempts to burrow deep into the lost silver veins while bypassing tunnels that have fallen to the Greenskin.

South of Deadrock Gap the dwarves hold tenuously onto their positions as the Bloody Sun Boyz arrive from the south. The primary form of resupply is provided by the King’s Air Corps which operates from these southern reaches. East of this location overlooking the beginnings of the Darklands is a massive watchtower hewed into the side of the World’s Edge Mountains – the World’s Edge Und.

East of the World’s Edge Mountains  separating the main chain of mountains from Mount Grimfang – a massive mountain dominating the skyline – is a desolate plain which has been overrun by Greenskin. To the north in the Uzkul Plains is the sprawling Deathfang Village, a tribe of orcs loyal to Grimfang and ever seeking blood. To the south where the plains open up unto the Darklands are massive piles of skulls of those who have fallen to the Greenskins, be they dwarves, beasts, or other Greenskins; an eerie location known to the Greenskins as Da Bone Piles. Each rival tribe erects their own pile, with the size of the pile reflecting the stature of the tribe. Stealing from the piles is strictly forbidden, though naughty goblins have been known to do so. Within the halls of Mount Grimfang lay two key locations for the Greenskins – a fallen dwarven armory now known as Darkbasha Forges, and a deep cavern where the filthy green creatures are born – the Shroom Caverns. Mount Grimfang cannot be retaken so long as these two locations continue to produce their foul creations – crude weapons and filthy Greenskins.

The battle to reclaim Mount Silverspear from the hordes of Grimfang has begun. Can one of the first grudges of the Age of Strife finally be amended in the Age of Reckoning?

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