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Proliferation of WAR ~ Mad Dog Pass

The World’s Edge Mountains – the grandest mountain chain in the world, separating the Old World from the untamed wilds of the east. Underneath the peaks of these grand mountains lived the dwarves; above ground the wilds were vied for by men and children of Chaos. Transecting the World’s Edge mountains were five key passes, which didn’t come into prominence until the Time of Woes; and one of these passes is Mad Dog Pass, centrally located between the dwarven capital of Karaz-a-Karak, and the Greenskin stronghold atop the fallen hold of Karak Eight Peaks.

For millenia the World’s Edge Mountains have served as the home of the industrious dwarves who dwelled deep within them paying little heed to what occurred above ground. The dwarven grand holds were connected by a subterranean network of tunnels known as Undgrin Ankor. But then the world was shaken by powerful earthquakes, and chambers collapsed or were flooded with molten lava. The creatures of Chaos – the Skaven and Greenskins – began to assault the holds from the deep mines and tunnels, and so the dwarves had to turn to surface connections. As the kingdoms of men began to consolidate and trade with the east expanded, it became more evident that controlling the key passes was not only essential for military reasons, but also to control trade.

In the far north under the shadow of Chaos lay High Pass, watched over by the hold of Karak Vlag – but after the mysterious disappearance of the entire population and failed expeditions to find out what happened there, the pass was abandoned and left to the humans. Centrally located and firmly under Dwarven control are Peak Pass – watched over by Karak Kadrin – and the Silver Road by Karaz-a-Karak. Further to the south lay Mad Dog Pass which was garrisoned by several watch towers, and furthest to the south lay Death Pass, passing between Karak Drazh and Karak Eight Peaks.

As the Age of Strife began, the children of Chaos began to overwhelm the vast Dwarven empire. It became necessary for the dwarves to consolidate their holdings and to abandon any locations that did not bear any important metals, and so the watch-towers of Mad Dog Pass were abandoned. As the dwarves retreated, the Night Goblins swept into the pass burrowing tunnels into the sides and ambushing any who dare use it. However, as the dwarves slowly re-stabilized their kingdom, Ranger squads returned to Mad Dog Pass and began to cull the Night Goblins who dared leave their subterranean lairs.

Now in the Age of Reckoning, with the looming threat of the Night Goblin hordes advancing from the south, particularly the Crooked Moon Tribe, it has become imperative for the dwarves to quickly re-man the watch-towers of Mad Dog Pass and stall the Greenskin advance as long as possible. This task has fallen upon the Oathbearers.

On the northern face of Mad Dog Pass the Oathbearers have set up camp with Hadrik’s Rangers, while on the opposite face of the pass the Bloody Sun Boyz and advance Night Goblin elements have staked a hold on the western entrance of the pass at Mad Crusha Warcamp. Tucked away in the north of the pass in a secluded vale is the Ranger stronghold  of Kazad Gulgrin, a safe location from which the Rangers strike out against the Night Goblins and retreat before the oncoming onslaught. However, the Night Goblins have rekindled the bonfires in their former lair deep under Mad Dog Pass at Bone Crusha Basin – a large subterranean cavern with slime-covered walls and an air thick with an acrid smoke from burning refuse.

The Rangers arrived first at Mad Dog Pass and began to refortify fallen structures. First to be restored was the mighty stout tower of Thadriksson’s Watch at the western side of the Pass. Hidden in the north-west is the lodge of the Ranger leader Hadrik in a peaceful glade known as Hadrik’s Varn. Centrally located amongst the high mountains of the north face of Mad Dog Pass is the dense forest of Thingaz Wyr, and north of this is the massive waterfall which gives life to the northern valley – Grungi’s Beard. Last of the major landmarks in this portion of the pass is the ancient Skardrin’s Forge deep in the mountains; life has once again been breathed into this forge as war revisits this region.

On the southern face of Mad Dog Pass the Night Goblins have begun to emerge from their lairs and claim what land they can. Below their warcamp lays the peaceful Snorri’s Vale whose walls are broken by Night Goblin tunnels, one of the largest and most densely populated being the Night Caverns. Where Grungi’s Beard gives life to the northern face of Mad Dog Pass, in the south the greatest water supply is found at Skarrenruf Varn. The dwarves try to retain control over the southern face and over Mad Dog Pass as a whole, but such efforts are hard-pressed. At the eastern end of Mad Dog Pass as it opens unto the Wolf Lands lays Ghal Canyon, a grim sight of scattered bones. Overlooking the eastern approaches to the Pass and just above Ghal Canyon is the mighty bastion of the Rangers – Oathstone Hold. This grand tower is carved directly into the north face of the Pass and is only accessible via a sky bridge from another heavily fortified tower.

The multitudes of Night Goblins swarm north towards Karaz-a-Karak. Alerted of the green deluge, the Rangers have begun to fortify the first line of defense at Mad Dog Pass. Can the dwarves blunt the spearhead before it crashes upon the gates of Karaz-a-Karak or will the Greenskins overwhelm the defenders in a bloody massacre?

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