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Proliferation of WAR ~ Overview

The war has grown beyond its original warpath. The warpath now stretches further across the lands as both realms battle across the plains of Ulthuan, the mountains of Karak Ankor, and the unforgiving forests of the Empire. A plan was created to stall the war temporarily so that forces of Order could be gathered for a final push, but this lull in the fighting allowed both sides to gather their forces and the fighting only intensified and poured across boarders into new lands. This is the time of the Proliferation of WAR.


In an attempt to give the forces of Order time to gather their numbers and push back the forces of Destruction once and for all, Teclis and the archmages of Ulthuan cast a great fog upon the Great Ocean. The plan worked inasmuch as it allowed the Shining Guard to repel the Dark Elves from Caledor and forced Malekith to retreat up the coast, but in doing so it only dragged Tiranoc into the war and gave Malekith a means to secretly open a second front on Lothern. While the fog stopped large scale reinforcements along the shrouded coast of Ulthuan, Malekith used it to his advantage having a Black Ark from Har Ganeth set sail east around Ulthuan to Eataine. By the time the fog had lifted, Eastern Eataine was facing the looming shadow of the Black Ark of Har Ganeth.

Tiranoc which had suffered so greatly at the hands of Malekith before the Sundering, and moreso after the Sundering, was once again to be repressed by Malekith; and Eastern Eataine which witnessed the first treachery Malekith commited against the Asur and Asuryan, and has since known peace, is now dragged into the first major war it has seen in millenia. Now the final struggle between House Uthorin and the Shining Guard stretches from the shattered coast of Tiranoc, across the jagged mountains of Caledor and Dragonwake, and into the rolling plains of Eataine. As the heartless Executioners of Har Ganeth emerge from their foul ark, they meet the eyes and burning hearts of the Phoenix Guard. The battle for Eastern Eataine may turn to be the bloodiest Ulthuan has ever seen.

Across the Great Ocean in the World’s Edge Mountains Gazbag, ever so clever,  used this moment in time to rally his Night Goblin kin to the side of the Bloody Sun Boyz. A call to arms was issued for all the Night Goblin tribes to descend upon Karaz-a-Karak. In the far north the Redeye’s, lacking leadership, are bogged down in Redeye Mountain by the soldiers of Kislev and the Empire, and in Mount Gunbad by the Oathbearers. However, the Moonfangs of Mount Grimfang with their more cunning leadership prove a threat too close to home for the dwarves. And further to the south, the Crooked Moon tribe advances north unchecked. With the Badlands and Death Pass firmly in the hands of the Greenskins, the dwarves have decided to counter this great tide south of Karaz-a-Karak at Mad Dog Pass.

Gazbag hopes that the weight of the Night Goblin tide and the frenzy of the crazed Fanatics will break the defenders of Karaz-a-Karak and inspire more courage among the dense orcs. Called into action to counter this reckless threat are the tenacious Hammerers. Thorgrim Grudgebearer has tasked the Hammerers with the noble task of striking Mount Grimfang hard and fast, not only to avenge the first great grudge of the Age of Strife, but to prevent the Moonfang Night Goblins from unifying with the southern Crooked Moon tribe and the Bloody Sun Boyz. Meanwhile the Oathbearers and Rangers race to fortify abandoned posts in Mad Dog Pass. Now the struggle for the World’s Edge Mountains stretches from snow-capped peaks of Kadrin Valley, to the barren desolation of Mount Grimfang, to the Night Goblin infested Mad Dog Pass, to the slopes of the volatile Thunder Mountain, and to the stench filled Black Crag.

Lastly the struggle for the very heart of Order and Destruction is being waged in the realm of men as the Empire and Kislev struggle to hold the forces of Chaos at bay. The recent introduction of the forces of Khorne on the side of Tchar’zanek has forced Kislev into greater action at the side of the Empire, but Tchar’zanek’s aim has always been for Altdorf. With such stiff resistance being put up by the Kislevites in the face of such devastation and bloodshed, the Raven Host has opted to send a second force to the eastern provinces of the Empire while Khorne holds down Kislev.

Traveling south down the eastern face of the World’s Edge Mountains, the Raven Host proceeded un-harassed and crossed under and through the mountains via the Night Goblin lair at Red Eye Mountain, emerging unscathed at the mouth of the Upper Talabec. Leading this host are Tzeentch’s gift to Tchar’zanek, the mighty Harbingers of Tzeentch – lethal warriors whose powers are unknown to the forces of the Empire. The wizards of the Empire have sensed the coming of the Harbingers, but do not know to what goal. The eastern provinces of the Empire are dreadfully isolated and underpopulated to counter the might of the Raven Host, thus Karl Franz turned to the martial prowess of the Greatswords of Carroburg and charged them with the defense of Ostermark. However, Karl Franz and his advisors have great reason to fear that an attack on Ostermark can lead to the forces of Chaos visiting the ruins of Mordheim and seeking to harness foul powers there. Hoping to prevent this, Karl Franz has split the Greatswords into to forces – one sailing up the River Stir towards Mordheim, and the greater force sailing up the Talabec towards Bechafen.

Now the struggle for the Empire stretches across more corners of the Empire, stretching the forces of the kingdoms of men thin. The Empire has been forced to set foot into the dreaded city of Mordheim, a city most wish would disappear and remain forgotten; and Ostermark, under-populated and thinly defended, is being thrown head-first into the fight against the Raven Host as they are to be the first province to meet the might of the Harbingers of Tzeentch. From the wealth of Reikland, to the foul ruins of Mordheim, to the shadowy forests and fog-shrouded hills of Ostermark, to the war-torn city of Praag, and to the bleak Chaos Wastes, the forces of the Order of the Griffon fight to keep the Raven Host at bay and prevent Chaos from reigning supreme.

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    November 9, 2011 at 8:49 AM

    very prolific imagery and story

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