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Winds of Ghyran

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The loss of the Druchii foothold in the mountains of Caledor had provoked a great ire within Malekith’s dark soul. The Asur will not go unpunished for their actions. Forging a dark covenant with the Chaos gods, Malekith had already spread horror amongst the High Elves, but greater blood-sacrifices of the weak are needed. The target of Malekith’s spite – Chrace. When Morathi and the Cults of the Cyrhari first began to cause havoc across Ulthuan, it was Chrace that offered the stiffest resistance to her plans. Since that time millenia ago, Chrace has always proved a vexing thorn in Malekith’s side. This time, that will change.

Summoned forth from the despair of Naggaroth are the beast-masters of Karond Kar. While the bulk of the Shining Guard is occupied in southern Ulthuan in the struggle to hold Lothern, Chrace stands alone in the north. The beast-masters will break Chrace, and those they cannot break they shall kill. The suffering of the land will not be confined to the elves themselves – more innocent blood can be taken from the beasts who defy the Druchii. Read more…

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