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Winds of Ghyran ~ Battle for Tor Achare

For centuries Tor Achare has been the northern shield of Ulthuan, providing the bulwark against Druchii attacks. It falls upon the shoulders of the White Lions of Chrace not only to defend the Phoenix King as we have since the days of Caledor the First, but also to bear the brunt of any attack against the north of Ulthuan. Our neighboring Outer Kingdoms to the west and east have been torn by the centuries of Druchii aggression, only Chrace still stands strong. The blood of Charill flows through all our veins, and in his honor we shall sell our lives dearly to defend Ulthuan against the dark powers. It is here, at Tor Achare, where we shall meet the Druchii onslaught; and it is here, in the fortress they have never conquered, that we shall drive them back into the Great Ocean!

~ Prince Eriondas of Tor Achare

Tor Achare is the capital of Chrace and is one of the four original fortresses constructed to combat the daemon hosts – the other three being Anlec, Tor Caled, and Tor Yvresse. With Anlec and Tor Caled falling in the Sundering, and Tor Yvresse ravaged by a greenskin invasion, only Tor Achare stands strong and undefeated. Long has Malekith’s eye lingered on this fortress which has defied his will for centuries. Long has Tor Achare burned a hole in his dark soul. Now in the Age of Reckoning Malekith will throw all he can to conquer this city.

The Battle for Tor Achare is a three-point domination scenario. House Uthorin attacks the city with a full frontal siege, while the city relies on Shining Guard reinforcements from the south. As both factions enter the battle for Tor Achare  they shall battle over the Grand Plaza at the front of the town, the Vault of Lorichar, and the White Lion Quarters. So long as Tor Achare stands, northern Ulthuan will continue to defy Malekith!

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