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Winds of Ghyran Guide

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v1.8.1 consists of the Winds of Ghyran live event. The Beastmasters of Karond Kar are upon Ulthuan! Landing on the north coast of Ulthuan, but brunt of their assault is being beared by the proud Outer Kingdom of Chrace, which has never succumbed to Malekith’s hatred and malice – a fact which burns deeply in his mind. But Chrace shall not bear this assault alone. Malekith has ordered the beastmasters of Karond Kar to spread fear and death amongst all the creatures of Ulthuan.

With the main force of White Lions tasked with the protection of Finubar, and the remainder spread thin defending Chrace, it falls upon the shoulders of the Shining Guard to rally to the defense of Chrace. The archmages of Saphery have sensed a foul taint of the Chaos winds lingering around the beastmaster’s camps, there is more to this plot than is known. The battle for the souls of the creatures of Ulthuan has begun! Read more…

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