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Winds of Ghyran Guide

v1.8.1 consists of the Winds of Ghyran live event. The Beastmasters of Karond Kar are upon Ulthuan! Landing on the north coast of Ulthuan, but brunt of their assault is being beared by the proud Outer Kingdom of Chrace, which has never succumbed to Malekith’s hatred and malice – a fact which burns deeply in his mind. But Chrace shall not bear this assault alone. Malekith has ordered the beastmasters of Karond Kar to spread fear and death amongst all the creatures of Ulthuan.

With the main force of White Lions tasked with the protection of Finubar, and the remainder spread thin defending Chrace, it falls upon the shoulders of the Shining Guard to rally to the defense of Chrace. The archmages of Saphery have sensed a foul taint of the Chaos winds lingering around the beastmaster’s camps, there is more to this plot than is known. The battle for the souls of the creatures of Ulthuan has begun!


  • Kill 100 enemy High Elf players. The Shining Guard must know the cost of this war. Force them to pay for the lives of the creatures of Ulthuan with their lives!
  • Participate in the Battle for Tor Achare 20 times. The dreaded capital of Chrace, a fortress which has yet to bend its knee to Malekith. Raze it to the ground!
  • Win the Battle for Tor Achare with 500 points 5 times.
  • Slay 10 White Lion Lords in Chrace. The White Lions are the stalward symbol of defiance not only in Chrace, but across much of Ulthuan. Their role in saving Imrik’s life before he was chosen to be the Phoenix King has for ever earned them a spot of loathing in Malekith’s heart, and more-so in Morathi’s. Find these hunters as they lurk around Chrace and end their wretched lives!
  • Kill 20 Elven War Hawks. The War Hawks are for more intelligent that one would think. Communicated with in the tongue of Kurnous, these creatures relay important tactical information between Shining Guard commanders. Find these beasts as they relay important communications in Ellyrion, collect their corpses, and return them to Beastmaster Hargrave in the Inevitable City.
  • Capture 5 Griffon Eggs and take them to the Ritual of Fire upon the Isle of the Dead. The griffons are among the most noble creatures on Ulthuan, save for the mighty dragons of Caledor. Taken at a young age, they are trained to act in unison with the mightiest of Asur warriors. Denied these mighty creatures, the High Elves would crumble under the weight of the Druchii hosts and their dark beasts. Go to Saphery and steal the griffon eggs from their nests. These eggs are solid as rocks, and no dark magic will mimic the warmth of a mother and nurture the eggs. Take the eggs to the Ritual of Fire upon the Isle of the Dead so that they may be born into the world of corruption and reared by the beastmasters of Karond Kar.
  • Slay 10 of the Elven white lions which prowl the battlegrounds. Ghyran has sent forward the proud creatures of Chrace to decimate the Druchii hosts and rend their flesh apart. Find these creatures in the battlegrounds as they ambush elements of the House Uthorin and slay them.
  • Complete the ‘Hides of the Hopeless’ quest 10 times. The white lions of Chrace are the source of the Chracian’s pride. A Chracian cannot venture into adulthood until they have slain a mighty white lion and can proudly wear the beast’s hide as a mark of their accomplishment.  Venture into Chrace and slay these beasts to deny the Chracians their right of passage. Collect the pelts and return them to Beastmasters of Karond Kar.


  • Kill 100 Dark Elf enemy players. The Druchii dare assault Ulthuan, and House Uthorin thinks it can catch the Shining Guard off-guard? Kill the members of the Hous Uthorin, not because the High Elves take joy from slaughter, but because it must be done to return harmony to Ulthuan.
  • Participate in the Battle for Tor Achare 20 times. The capital of Chrace has stood in defiance to Malekith for centuries. The Druchii have begun to lay their greatest siege on the town yet. Rally to her defense and deny Malekith a prize he has longed for since darkness overcame his soul.
  • Win the Battle for Tor Achare with 500 points 5 times.
  • Slay 10 Beastmaster Lords in Chrace. The Beastmasters of Karond Kar have landed upon Chrace, hell-bent on spreading death and breaking the will of all creatures. Seek out the dreaded Beastmaster Lords and put an end to their hate-filled lives. Do this so that the creatures of Ulthuan may know peace.
  • Kill 20 corrupted Cockatrice’s in the Shadowlands. Chaos taints the high peaks of the Anulii, twisting the creatures born there and turning them into foul beasts only the Druchii have use for. Recently they have begun to capture cockatrices and release them upon Elven communities. Venture into the Shadowlands where many of the twisted creatures come from and put an end to their twisted lives. Collect their heads and return them to Warden Ythail in Altdorf.
  • Capture 5 Wyvern Hatchlings in Avelorn and take them to the Ritual of Beasts upon the Isle of the Dead. The foul greenskin have been brought to the forests of Ulthuan by the Druchii. The Druchii hope to infest Ulthuan with this plague of creatures. The greenskins have brought with them the beast used by their warbosses – wyverns. Already swaths of forest are being cleared for the wyverns to roost in, and already creatures are being eaten up by the wretched creatures. Go to Avelorn and capture 5 Wyvern Hatchlings from their nests. Take them to the Isle of the Dead and cleanse the hearts of these trouble beasts while they are young, that they may not know hatred and destruction.
  • Slay 10 of the Druchii Hydras unleashed upon the battlegrounds of Ulthuan. The Druchii have long used the chaos-tainted hydras of the Anulii to their advantages, first being unleashed by the beastmasters of Morathi in the first siege of Anlec. Now these twisted beasts roam across Ulthuan ripping into the lines of the Shining Guard that stand between House Uthorin and the Phoenix Throne. Find these creatures and end their lives so that the High Elves can hold off the Dark Elf assault.
  • Complete the “Cold Graves for Cold Hearts” quest 10 times. The beastmasters of Karond Kar have many foul creatures in their pens, but perhaps none strike more fear in the hearts of the Asur than the ravenous Cold Ones. Those living creatures that do not bend to the will of the Druchii are fed to the Cold Ones, and with the arrival of the beastmasters of Karond Kar – the Cold Ones have been released by the hundreds upon the plains of Ulthuan. Travel to Chrace and slay the creatures as they prey upon the defenseless of Ulthuan. Collect their heads and return them to the White Lions of Chrace.
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