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Winds of Ghyran ~ Trapper & Trainer

The beastmasters of Karond Kar descend upon Ulthuan, aiming to capture and break all creatures in their warpath – and to those who will not be broken, only death awaits. The struggle to dominate the beasts of Ulthuan however has grown beyond its original intent. The Beastmasters, hardpressed by the Shining Guard, have taken to passing on the basics of their trade to soldiers of ‘lesser caliber’. On the other front, the forces of Order are scrambling to recapture the beasts who have been broken by the Druchii. As a gesture of good faith and solidarity in the alliance, Karl Franz has sent Ulthuan his Imperial Huntsmen – men renowned for their skill in taming wild beasts.

Players who successfully obtained the Trainer’s Collar (for the forces of Order) or the Beastmaster’s Collar (for the forces of Destruction) may now journey to their capital city and pursue a new line of trade skills associated with the capture and training of wild beasts of the world of Warhammer. Let’s delve into the new trades of the Trapper and Trainer!

Warhammer’s two newest trades focus on the capture and training of wild beasts in the world of Warhammer. Two new professions associated with this pursuit have been introduced, both of which tie into existing professions. Captured creatures can be trained as either vanity pets or mounts.

The Trapper profession is considered a ‘harvesting’ profession much like Cultivating or Scavengeing. Players who pursue this profession must first acquire ropes. A cultivator harvests hemp, which a clothmaker makes into rope. A trainer then takes the rope and attempts to capture a wild beast – higher rank beasts being harder to capture. A lower quality rope can break during the capturing process and cause the beast to instantly attack the player attempting to capture it.

The Trainer profession is consider a ‘refining’ profession, like talisman making. Trainers take captured wild animals and attempt to train them with harnesses. Harnesses are made from leather by clothmakers. Depending on the size of the beast, it can either be trained as a vanity pet or as a mount. Vanity pets can have their harnesses enhanced by a talisman maker to give the vanity pet different boosts. Mounts can have their harness enhanced by armor-smiths to give different speeds and chances to be dismounted. However, since all beasts are wild at nature, there is a chance that while you are attempting to train your captured beast that it will break free and attack wildly. Once a beast is tamed and trained, it can be sold on the market.

Thus a Trapper may capture a low level beast, which in turn can easily be trained, but they will offer low yield results. For the sturdiest mounts and hardest working vanity pets both the Trapper and Trainer have to be of a high caliber. But be careful where you train your beasts… for a many a trainer has been mauled by a great cat in Altdorf only to have it terrorize others.

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