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Of Royal Blood Intro

Three figures sat at the edge of a stream in the foothills of Ellyrion, pausing to rest after their toils in Chrace. The only sounds to be heard were the long grass blowing in the wind and the stream rushing around rocks, but that silence was broken by a piercing cry in the distant sky. One of the figures ears were alerted to the cry and he rose and called back in a tongue unknown to the other two.

“The tongue of Kurnous? What stirs on the horizon?” the archmage asked quickly standing and scanning the horizon.

“A messenger hawk, Rynellier. It searches for us. For you in particular. Though its call is filled with pain,” the shadow warrior Firbael replied.

Rising to join his companions in scanning the horizon, Ledreal the swordmaster commented, “A message from the White Tower surely?”

The three continued to scan the sky looking for the hawk, occasionally the hawk would cry out and Firbael would respond. Then it appeared from the clear blue sky, and as suddenly as it appeared it came falling clumsily towards the three High Elves landing in a heap.

“It is wounded!” Firbael cried, gently lifting the folded wing to show a barbed bolt lodged in the beast’s side; dried blood had caked much of the birds side to show the wound was old, yet fresh blood still seeped from behind the barb. “He was chased for eight days by beastmasters across the plains of Ellyrion. Wretched Druchii!” the shadow warrior growled.

“Can you save it, Rynellier?” Ledreal asked.

“I know little of the Winds of Ghyran, but I can attempt to ease its pain,” the archmage replied.

The hawk gave a series of cries laying on the ground as its eyes began to cloud. Looking down at the beast with eyes not of sorrow, but of hatred, Firbael translated, “He asks not for his suffering to be eased, but that it be known that his message was delivered… He is the patriarch of the Amberwing clan from western Ellyrion, they served Finudel and the Ellyrions nobly in the first war against Malekith…”

“His name shall be sung with honor in the halls of the White Tower,” Ledreal replied putting his hand on the shadow warrior’s shoulder.

Firbael remained stooped over the dying hawk uttering no reply. The hawk, understanding that it had completed its task, ceased fighting for life, gave one final short cry, and died. “My gratitude…” Firbael translated. “Vile scum from Karond Kar! An innocent creature! What suffering did he bring upon this world that he had to pay for it with his life?!” the shadow warrior cried in anger.

“More innocent blood shall be shed and his death shall be in vain if we mourn over him too long and his message is conveyed too late,” Ledreal said motioning towards the small pouch tied to the creatures leg.

“Of course…” Firbael muttered, untying the pouch and handing it to Rynellier. He picked up the large hawk and carried it off to a copse of rocks.

Rynellier opened the pouch and drew out a crystal, which with an enchantment from Rynellier projected an image of text which only the archmage seemed to decipher. He read quietly to himself, occasionally mumbling ‘not good’. He finished and began pacing with his hand on his temple. Growing frustrated, Ledreal broke the silence,

“It is polite when reading a message to either read it aloud or to convey its contents to others upon completing it.”

Broken from his deep thoughts, Rynellier replied apologetically, “Forgive me my friend, but this is dire news indeed. The Everqueen and her child are missing.”

“Child? I knew not that she was with child.”

“We have long been absent from the affairs of Ulthuan, and besides it is not our business to peer into her affairs. At any rate she is no longer with child as it was born recently. A newborn daughter, the future Everqueen.”

Clearly distressed, Ledreal stated, “With Tyrion charged with the defense of Ulthuan… she was left without her champion and protector… What of the Handmaidens?”

“Slain. The Maidencourt at the Everqueen’s residence in Avelorn was found in a bloody disarray; signs of a brutal confrontation, but no corpses of the attackers. The Everqueen and her daughter’s bodies were not among the slain, thus it is believed they were taken for more sinister purposes.”

“Alarielle is the warmth of Ulthuan, Isha will protect her. We must put our faith in the gods that they will keep her and the child safe until we arrive.”

Firbael returning from the copse and not knowing the context of the messaged called out, “So where do we head to slay the vile Druchii?”

“Avelorn. The Everqueen and her daughter are missing, though I do not think the Dark Elves are behind this. A more sinister force is at work here…” Rynellier replied ominously.

“Mark my words, Malekith is behind this. Druchii blood will be spilled before the Everqueen is found,” the shadow warrior replied grimly.

“Pray that the Everqueen’s blood is not spilled before we find her…” Ledreal said as the three began to head south-east for Avelorn.

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