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Of Royal Blood

November 15, 2011 1 comment

Grim tidings fall upon the elves of Ulthuan. The Everqueen Alarielle and her newborn daughter Ytrienne have gone missing; in their wake the Maiden Court of Avelorn lays slain with little clues as to the attacker. There is little doubt that Malekith is behind this, but the lack of solid evidence leaves room to question. The Everqueen is the very life and warmth of Ulthuan, her death would spell the doom of the Asur. Tradition has it that her daughter will take up her stead when the time comes to pass the crown of the Everqueen. However with both of them gone, the fate of the High Elves is dire. The war between the Asur and the Druchii spares none, not even those of royal blood.  Read more…

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