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Of Royal Blood Guide

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v1.8.2 consists of the Of Royal Blood live event. Everqueen Alarielle and her newborn daughter Ytrienne have gone missing – their last known whereabouts a scene of a massacre of the Handmaidens. The High Elves frantic search for the Everqueen and her daughter has not gone unnoticed; the Dark Elves too had been hunting for the Everqueen and to find that their quarry has gone missing vexes them.

Tyrion, champion of the Everqueen, is tasked with the protection of Ulthuan and cannot go to her aid. Thus, he has tasked the Shining Guard and its allies to follow the trail and find the Everqueen. Malekith’s generals, knowing the value of the prize, also begin their hunt close on the heels of the Shining Guard. The quest for the Everqueen and her daughter, the future Everqueen, begins in Avelorn, but this is a tale that will take adventurers deep into the ancient Gaen Vale. Who will reach the Everqueen first? Read more…

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