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Expanding Tide ~ Cothique

In the north-east corner of Ulthuan is a region as remote as it is forlorn. This Outer Kingdom is a land of the densest forests of Ulthuan, inhabited by a solemn people who are all too familiar with hardship and sacrifice. This land is Cothique, and its people have suffered greatly at the hands of the Druchii throughout the ages.

In the time of great Elven progress and expansion under Bel Shanaar, Ulthuan prospered greatly – largely due to the colonial efforts of Malekith and the Naggarothi. During this age of colonization of the Old World, the Elves were the master seafarers of the world, and the dominant kingdoms of Ulthuan were those with the largest fleets – Tiranoc, Eataine, and Cothique. Tor Anroc and Lothern were bustling cities where all elves flocked to, and few desired to leave. Cothique on the other hand did not have a major urban center, and thus its inhabitants formed the second largest percentage of colonists in the Old World. Cothiques fleets, colonists, and proximity to the Old World helped it prosper under the reign of Bel Shanaar.

Morathi always had great resentment towards the other princes for not choosing her son to be the next Phoenix King; she saw it as Malekith’s birthright to succeed his father, Aenarion. While she did not approve of Malekith acquiescing to Bel Shanaar’s rule, in here ambitious heart she knew that Malekith’s success and wars in the new lands across the Great Ocean to the east would strengthen his position when he returned and made a bid for the Phoenix Throne. However being in this frame of mind, Morathi greatly despised anyone who dared to share in Malekith’s success. Malekith established the elven dominance on the Old World as he drove back the beastmen and greenskin hordes, and he brokered the alliance with the dwarves – of these things there is no dispute. However when the Cothiqoi became the second largest population in the colonies, second to the Naggarothi, Malekith’s success was being shared.

When the war between the Druchii and the Asur finally erupted, the bitterness the Cothiqoi left on Morathi’s soul for their attempt to reap Malekith’s rewards quickly came to the surface. Tiranoc fell without a fight through treachery, Caledor and Chrace could not be subdued, the Ellyrians were ever fleeting and impossible to pen. Morathi had to exact her punishment upon the Asur, but the blow would not land on any of the kingdoms bordering Nagarythe. While these kingdoms undeniably suffered, none can claim greater sorrow than Cothique.

Cothique is not a kingdom of renowned warriors, it is a kingdom of seafarers and mariners. Thus, when the Druchii came, Cothique was overwhelmed and conquered with lightning speed, but unlike conquered Tiranoc, Cothique would suffer another fate. Behind the conquering Druchii armies came the Cults of the Cythrai, the gods of the Underworld, and none was vaster than the cult of Khaine. The inhabitants of Cothique were subjugated to the horrors of the cultists as they watched their neighbors be sacrificed alive, or eaten, or their blood consumed like a fine wine. In the year of Cothique’s occupation much of the population was slaughtered, the lucky few fled to the Anulii and hid there until salvation would arrive.

When finally Caledor I pushed into Cothique from Yvresse, the proud Asur army buckled at the knees. The noble elves broke down into tears and their stomachs grew queasy as they entered Cothique; the morale of the army plummeted. All across Cothique bodies lay mutilated, heaped in piles, corpses with torn chests lay on altars – their hearts missing. The capital of Anirain was razed to the ground, bearing no semblance to the city it once was. A bloodbath unseen in the history of Ulthuan. Such was the way of Khaine. Many suffered in the first war against the Druchii, but none suffered more than the Cothiqoi.

After Malekith and his forces were expelled from Ulthuan, Cothique slowly recovered, but it would never again rise to the prosperity it saw under Bel Shanaar. While it was spared direct assaults from the Druchii in subsequent wars, it was subjugated to another threat – from the Norse. As the High Elves withdrew from the Old World and it descended into chaos, the tribes of the Norse began to raid further and further south, until they finally began to raid Cothique. And so the mariners of Cothique proved and continue to prove their worth defending the north-eastern shores of Ulthuan from the Norse. Though their blood is not shed upon the fair isle, but upon the seas, the noble Cothiqoi continue to serve Ulthuan.

Now in the Age of Reckoning Cothique is to relive the dark past it has dearly tried to forget. Following Teclis’s spell to shroud the seas in a thick fog, Malekith’s rage against the Asur grew. He concocted a new strategy that in his mind was sure to shatter the High Elves’ resolve – the first stage was a eastern thrust against Lothern led by the Executioners of Har Ganeth, the second stage called for the beastmasters of Karaond Kar to descend upon the underpopulated and weakened north of Ulthuan. Chrace was hit first, but it bore but a fraction of the invasion – the true target was Cothique. Morathi has not forgotten how Cothique dared to exploit Malekith’s success in the colonies. Clearly the Khaintes failed to subdue Cothique in the first war, this time they would succeed.

Facing certain defeat, the fleet of Cothique sailed forth to confront the Black Ark of Karond Kar and its escorting fleet. In a short but bloody battle upon the waves of the sea, the brave Cothiqoi sold their lives dearly while the inhabitants of Cothique fled to the Anulii – few died so that many could live. Now, the Beastmasters of Karond Kar have landed upon the jagged shores of Cothique, and they bring with them the dreaded Khainites.

With little opposition the counter the invaders, the Druchii quickly established a fortified position along the coast with an imposing fortress anchoring the Black Ark to the shore of Cothique – the Grim Spires. Within the walls of the fortress, House Uthorin marshals its hosts at Rakath’s Command and sends them forth into the forests of Cothique to conquer the land. As the Druchii begin to clear away the forests of Cothique, they have quickly raised two dark strongholds amid the forests of Cothique – the Font of Khaine, a tribute to the blood of the Cothiqoi which nourishes Khaine’s desires, and Tithrain’s Demise, a foul tribute to the prince of Cothique who died at the hands of Malekith in the battle of Maledor.

The Druchii push into Cothique trying to dominate the land. Their first act in this process was to begin clearing the forests by establishing a large lumber mill – their furthest advance into the cleared forest being marked with the Uthorin Advance Camp, a small stronghold in the making. In the north-west along the border with Chrace the Beastmasters have begun to arrive after their bloody war against the White Lions and Tor Achare, here along this border they have set up their beast corrals so when the time comes for their need, they may let loose their vile creatures upon the region.

Before the Druchii arrived, Cothique was a sparsely populated region whose primary industry was shipping – much of the land was left to the wild. South of the Druchii landing is the Oakharth Shipwright, renowned for its sleek Hawkships which cut across the Great Ocean hunting down those who threatened Ulthuan. South of this location is the small fishing town of Laressa, a window into the life of the Cothiqoi. Centrally located in the region is the capital of Anirain. Having been completely destroyed in the first war against the Druchii, the Cothiqoi returned and rebuilt the town in an attempt to return normalcy to the blood-soaked region. The remaining two key features of Cothique are testaments to the power of the wild and the Winds of Magic. West of Anirain is Pylonath’s Stone, a powerful menhir which channels the winds of Chaos and holds them at bay; and south of Anirain is the cave system known as Kurnous’ Haven – a shrine to the god of the wild.

Lastly, tucked in the Anulii is the bastion of the High Elves as they resist the rule of the Druchii – Helenar’s Refuge. It is from here the Shining Guard will sally forth against the Druchii and show them the cost of war in Cothique. Cothique has known great bloodshed, and has tried through the centuries to give peace to the slain, but the horrors of war have revisited Cothique as it is once again thrown into the claws of the Khainites and the beasts of Karond Kar. The nightmares of the past have crept up, and now Cothique shall have to relive them.

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