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Expanding Tide ~ Yvresse

Comprising the entire eastern shore of Ulthuan is an Outer Kingdom whose jagged features and sheltered coastline have long protected it from invaders across the seas. The rugged coastline of Yvresse is dominated by sheer cliffs facing the Great Ocean, and across from the mainland are hundreds of sparsely populated islands known as the Shifting Isles. This bastion in the east has long avoided war upon its soil, but now the time has come for Yvresse to rise and march to war against the Druchii. 

To other elves, the fractured nature of Yvresse makes it ‘ugly and bleak’, but to the Yvressians it is a land of hidden beauty. The geographic nature of Yvresse consists of forested fjords, making it a very rugged land not well suited for large population concentrations; this coupled with a recent greenskin invasion which decimated the land makes Yvresse among the least densely populated kingdoms of Ulthuan. In addition to this aforementioned fact, Yvresse is the least urbanized kingdom, with only one major city – Tor Yvresse.

In all the past wars of Ulthuan’s history, Yvresse has been relatively spared of heavy costs. The Druchii always attack from the north-west with their eyes focused on Tor Achare and Lothern. The Norse attack from the north-east raiding the shores of Chrace and Cothique. Even in the first great war against the cults of the Cythrai and the Druchii, Yvresse was spared major confrontation on its soil while the rest of Ulthuan was awash in the blood of its kin. However, one invasion did shatter the peace of Yvresse, and almost wiped its once city off the face of Ulthuan.

When a lost WAAAAGH! stumbled upon the shores of Yvresse after years of war across the Empire in the Old World, the greenskins and elves were thrown into a strange position. Not since the times of Malekith’s wars in the Old World have the elves fought with the greenskins in any major confrontation. Warboss Grom the Paunch landed ashore on Yvresse and sought senseless destruction – his victim would be Tor Yvresse. The city was besieged by the massive greenskin horde and virtually broken as the elves retreated deeper and deeper towards the palace. It was not until Eltharion, who lay fatally wounded from his assault on Naggarond, returned to Tor Yvresse to avenge his father’s death. Eltharion’s return broke the bloody siege, but Tor Yvresse suffered a great loss in population from which it still has not recovered.

Now in the Age of Reckoning, through Yvresse is not directly under grave assault, to the north looms a force that will not only hit Yvresse given time, but can also threaten to break the resolve of the defenders of Ulthuan. Yvresse must act now and put its lands in harm’s way in order to prevent the Druchii from gaining a foothold in Cothique. Advance elements of the Druchii have already landed along the northern border of Yvresse at the base of a small fjord. Overseeing this camp is the brutal beastmaster captain from Karond Kar who led the assault on Tor Achare, Hargrave Diresoul.

In the south lays the town of Tor Yvresse, which is cradled against the massive Echo Sound to the south, and its grandest feature is the shining bastion of the Asur – the fortress of Seaspear Point. This fortress still bears the scars of the siege with the greenskin, but it the only structure in the town to not have fallen to Grom the Paunch’s WAAAGH! Within the fortress walls is the Shining Guard’s command – the Warden’s Watch warcamp. Tucked in the foothills of the Anulii are two keeps whose original intention was to keep the Chaos-tainted beasts who dwell in the Anulii at bay. To the north is the Beacon of Sunrise – a massively tall tower that breaks through the mist; and to the south is Carvadon’s Rest – the tomb of the prince of Yvresse who died by Malekith’s hand in the battle of Maledor.

Yvresse is divided into two distinct geographic regions – the foothills of the Anulii, which are broken by the broad Glistening Vale that runs north to south along the Anulii, and the forested tops of the shoreline which is broken by fjords. South of Tor Yvresse is the massive Echo Sound, with the next major fjord located halfway between Tor Yvresse and the border with Cothique – Seawatch Sound. Within the town of Tor Yvresse is the major landmark of the Waterworks, a testament of technology which pumps water to the many fountains of the town. West of Tor Yvresse is the Dewdrop forest, and where the forest meets the Anulii are the griffon nests where the famed griffons of Yvresse hail from. North of the Dewdrop Forest are the Sapphire Pools, residue of retreating glaciers, and east of these pools is the Seamist Forest. At the eastern tip of the Seamist Forest is the Seawatch Lighthouse which guides many a mariner through the hazards of the Shifting Isles. Hidden deep within the Seawatch Sound is Albreth’s Cove, the secret berth for the fleet of Yvresse. North of Seawatch Sound is the Sunrise Forest, and overlooking both the northern border of Yvresse and the beach landing of the Druchii is the Aurora Tower. Tucked in the western end of the Sunrise Forest is the entrance to the Millenial Caverns, a vast array of caves that are said to contain the history of the Asur – a history written by Asuryan himself; these caves descend deep into the earth and it is said they even connect to Albreth’s Cove.

Within the Glistening Vale are two key landmarks which hold great value to the Yvressians. In the southern end of the Vale is the Watchstone of Athel Tarnarha – among the most ancient menhir erected to channel the winds of Chaos, some say it was erected by the Slaan themselves before the reign of Asuryan. To the north, past the Beacon of Sunrise, is Naelan’s Solace, a spiritual retreat which has healed man wounded bodies and souls over the ages – a trail winds north of Naelan’s Solace through the Anulii into Cothique.

And so Yvresse stands – a rugged land broken by the sea, a land of peace and solace. But peace cannot persist forever so long as the Druchii live. Cothique has been overrun. The Chracians are recovering from the siege on Tor Achare and cannot lend aid to repel the Druchii from Cothique, and so it falls upon the shoulders of the Yvressians to take up the mantle of war and face the horrors of the Beastmasters of Karond Kar and the Khainites. Yvresse, which has known peace throughout much of its history, and has suffered the least amongst all the kingdoms of Ulthuan, has now been thrown into what will most certainly be its most bloody struggle yet. House Uthorin is attempting to establish a foothold in the weakly defended north-east of Ulthuan, and it falls upon the shoulders of the Yvressians and the Shining Guard not only to repel the invaders, but the decide the balance of the war against the Druchii.

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