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Expanding Tide ~ Tier 5

v1.8.3 consists of the Expanding Tide, a sign of the growing footprint of war. The Expanding Tide marks the battle shifting to new frontiers, frontiers which push the boundaries of the warpath not only into new lands, but also in degrees of skill. The Expanding Tide introduces the fifth tier of combat in Warhammer. Let’s take a brief look at the breakdown of Tier 5.


Tier 5 is the newest tier in Warhammer, intended for players renown rank 90 and above. In each pairing, Tier 5 consists of two zones, one of which is considered the home zone for Destruction, and the other for Order. Each zone has a fortress, and two keeps which are aligned with the faction the zone belongs to. Within the confines of the fortress is that faction’s warcamp, which is accessible so long as the fortresses outer doors are closed; once the invaders have breached the outer-door of a fortress, that faction can no longer spawn inside that zone but must run from their warcamp in the adjacent zone. The faction for whom the zone is not a home-zone also has a warcamp located usually on the opposite side of the map closer to the border of their home zone. In the above example, Cragmere is the home-zone for Destruction and as such the fortress and both keeps start belonging to the Greenskins. The Greenskin warcamp, Coppafist Warcamp, is located within the fortress Hall of Beards; the Order warcamp, Falgrin’s Rangers, is located along the border with Zhufbar, the home zone for the Dwarves.

Within the confines of each zone there are eight key battlefield locations which provide resources to improve defensive or offensive options. Resources taken to the fortress or keeps are used to bolster those structures’ defenses; resources taken to your warcamp in the enemy’s home-zone are used to bolster your offensive capabilities in capturing the enemy’s defensive positions. Resources carried over greater distances generate more end-resources. In the example above, the forces of Destruction can take resources from the Stuntie Forge to any of their four drop-off points, but these resources will have the smallest yield in upgrading Headbasha ridge as it is the closest – their resource potential is greatest when taken to locations the furthest away. Resources can only be carried by players.

Capturing a pairing requires the capture of the enemy fortress. Keeps serve to bolster the fortresses defenses, so while you may assault a fortress directly, doing so will be rather difficult if you did not take the enemy keeps before hand. Likewise you can devote all your resources to the offensive, but if the enemy takes your keeps, your fortress will be vulnerable. You must hold at least one home keep to capture an enemy fortress. If you lose both your home keeps while your fortress’s outer doors are up, you lose access to your warcamp in the enemy zone; in the event that you have lost both your home keeps and the outer-doors of your fortress have been destroyed, this warcamp will be forcibly unlocked. This is intended to cut supply lines for a realm which chooses a purely offensive path and forgoes the safety of their home keeps. Should you choose to pour all your resources into the assault and your enemy takes both your keeps, you will have to travel from your home zone’s warcamp to assault the enemy keep.

Once a fortress has been captured, the pairing is locked for an hour while the enemy rebounds. Rewards for capturing fortresses and keeps are more suitable for players of renown rank 90+. Because Tier 5 is not directly tied into the campaign which takes place in Tier 4, capturing a pairing slightly increases your realms offensive capabilities in that pairing in Tier 4.

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