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Savage Reprisal ~ Pains of War

The High Elves always had a suspicion that Malekith was behind the attacks upon the beasts of Chrace by the beastmasters of Karaond Kar, the abduction of the Everqueen and her newborn daughter by minions of Slaanesh, and the assault upon the vulnerable peoples of Cothique, but what they did not suspect was that there was more to this plot.  Malekith’s plans came to fruition with the Expanding Tide, but what fate did they bode for the world?

The war that had enveloped the world of elves, dwarves, and the Empire has been a long bloody affair, but thus far it has bogged down. Some time ago Khorne’s blood-thirst caused him to join the forces of the Raven Host in the struggle against the realm of men, but due to their proximity to Khorne’s stronghold of Bastion Stair, the people of Kislev took a more active role in the defense of the kingdoms of men. Recent attempts to flank, counter-flank, and out-maneuver opponents served to proliferate the war and push it to new frontiers, but even then the war stalled. Morathi and Malekith longed to crush Ulthuan and slay all the Asur, but they could not break the defenders of Ulthuan so long as the alliance with the men and dwarves supported the Asur.

The dwarves are a stubborn race that is fated to die out in their stone tombs, and given enough time the greenskin hordes will eventually overwhelm them, as they have in Karak Eight Peaks and countless other dwarven holds. The Empire on the other hand proves a menace to the path of Destruction. They have resisted invasions of all manners of foul children of Chaos, from skaven to the undead. The Dark Elves commitment to aid the Raven Host have only served to tie of valuable Druchii forces in the Old World, in what is doomed to be an endless struggle. If only something could tip the balance of war in favor of the forces of Destruction in the Old World so that the Druchii could withdraw and focus all their energy on Ulthuan… And then a plan was hatched.

Many had long viewed that the true mastermind behind the scheming of the Dark Elves has always been Morathi, Malekith’s mother. While Malekith is a great general and leader amongst the elves, Morathi harbors the sinister dark spirit that tainted the elves and led to the split of the Druchii. The cults of the Cytharai were fostered under her hand, and these cults of pleasure forged a deep bond between Morathi and Chaos, one particular god of Chaos for that matter. Morathi has long been close to Slaanesh through the Cults of the Cytharai, and this bond of sinister pleasure led her to a plan to draw the Dark Prince into the war against the forces of Order.

Slaanesh, the Dark Prince of pain and pleasure, of all sinister desires which the mind is ashamed to bring forth, is a fickle god who requires abundant display of devotion to the guilty pleasures before his self-indulgence is satisfied and he answers the calls of mortals. Morathi knew that if sufficient blood was shed and enough innocents suffered, Slaanesh would be pleased. Thus the plan of action was for the Druchii to slaughter the defenseless beasts of Ulthuan, but a token of their offer to Slaanesh. Once his whim was indulged he agreed to their plot to abduct the Everqueen and her child, with the intention of sacrificing the child – a plot averted by elements of the forces of Order. The Druchii had proven their ability to spread pain and suffering on small scales, enough to satisfy Slaanesh’s desires, but winning over Khorne so that he would work with his younger brother whom he loathes was another issue. To win over Khorne and to seal Slaanesh’s alliance with the forces of Chaos a much larger scale of bloodshed and suffereing were needed.

The last step in drawing Slaanesh into the war against Order was for a massive display of suffering, and for Khorne to even consider working with his effeminate brother, this display of suffering would have to include monstrous amounts of bloodshed. The Druchii could easily display their own commitment to the cause with the invasion of Cothique – an act Morathi longed for anyway – and the greenskins were easily manipulated as to prod them in the right direction, but the role of Chaos was another issue. First of all the Empire and Kislev resistance of Chaos relied heavily upon forged siege weaponry – and the key center of not only crafting massive cannons, but producing the craftsmen who knew how to forge them, was Zhufbar, conveniently located by a greenskin infested lair at Cragmere. Without heavy siege, the Empire would gradually be overwhelmed. But the second element lay in Kislev’s icy resolve to fight against Chaos. With this issue in mind, Malekith convinced Tchar’Zanek to march elements of the Raven Host at Erengrad, the gateway of Kislev, and arguably the northern bulwark of the Empire. If Erengrad could fall, not only would Kislev’s commitment to the war be shattered, but the north of the Empire would be defenseless. The plan was flawless, assuming nothing went wrong.

Unfortunately for the sake of strategy, much went wrong for Malekith’s plan. While Cothique was subdued in a matter of hours, most of its inhabitants fled to the Anulii which meant for less-than-desired bloodshed. Fortunately enough, Yvresse was dragged into the war to aid its northern neighbor, and thus all of Ulthuan was hanging under the blade of the Druchii. In the realm of the Dwarves, the dwarven rangers espied the Bloody Sun Boyz and their clunky massive barges sailing across Black Water and quickly caught wind of their mission in Cragemere – Zhufbars defenses were quickly bolstered and the greenskin invasion turned into a bloody quagmire. Lastly in the realm of men, the forces of the Empire and Kislev had been plotting their own assault unbeknownst to the forces of Destruction, and they had preemptively attacked the Chaos stronghold in the Jutenheim Mountains of Norsca while the Raven Host descended upon Erengrad. The effect was that the two conflicting assaults severed each others’ supply lines – the Raven Host could not fully assault Erengrad with its foothold in the Jotunheims under assault, and the human assault on the Chaos stronghold was quickly given second priority with Erengrad threatened. The result – another bloody stalemate across yet more land, but it had the desired effect.

Enough blood had been shed to quench Khorne’s thirst. Enough pain had been caused to satisfy Slaanesh’s sadistic desires. The tide of war had not only expanded to new lands, but now the hosts of Slaanesh marshal in the Chaos Wastes and march to join the carnage. The war has expanded across the maps of the Old World and Ulthuan, but can the realm of men survive under the pains of war, or will their resolve be drowned in a bloody pool of pain and suffering?

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