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Savage Reprisal

Through a series of horrendous atrocities commited primarily against the High Elves, Malekith has spilled enough blood of the innocents and sent the cries of the tortured into the heavens. Their cries have been heard, though not by some savior; their cries have been heard by Slaanesh, the Dark Prince. The realm of men has not yet seen such suffering like that which is about to visit them when the hosts of Slaanesh arrive.

Born in the suffering of the High Elves, the hosts of Slaanesh march south to aid their Chaos brethren in the struggle against the Tsardom of Kislev and the Empire. Kislev has long been a thorn in the side of the Chaos incursions against the Empire. Usually it has been circumvented, conquered, or the center of the bloodiest confrontations. In the Age of Reckoning Kislev has shed far more than its share of blood to stop the forces of Chaos. Praag has been a bloody battleground for many years now; a brutal urban war tears the streets apart. Recently the Raven Host has besieged Erengrad in hopes of cutting off Kislev from the sea and vital shipments. Whether Kislev desires it or not, it is in the center of a brutal war between Chaos and the Empire. With the hosts of Slaanesh descending upon the Tsardom, a greater call of nationalism is being issued across Kislev. Will the forces of Slaanesh tip the scale in favor of Chaos and break the Kislevites, or will the fight for survival drive the Kislevites to a firmer resolve?

The Shattered Coast & Sacellum Challenges
The Savage Reprisal live event features two new scenarios to the world of Warhammer! The Shattered Coast takes players to the jagged piny coastline of Cothique where the alliance between the Druchii and Slaanesh was first forged. The Sacellum Challenges takes players into the mighty arena of the Inevitable City where the warriors of Slaanesh strive to prove their mettle against those of Tzeentch and, more importantly, Khorne. More on these to come!

Savage Reprisal

While players participate in the Savage Reprisal live event, they have the opportunity to fulfill seven task and reap the rewards of the realm! The basic reward for the Savage Reprisal live event is: the Forebearer’s Hilt for the forces of Order, a cherished heirloom handed down from generation to generation marking battles fought; or the Mirror of Vanity for the forces of Destruction, a symbol of Slaanesh’s obsession with inward beauty – both waist-mounted trophies. The advanced reward for the Savage Reprisal live event is: the Woodsman’s Horn, a mark of the common-folk of Kislev who live off the land; or the Veil of Depravity for the forces of Destruction, a token torn from the sexually-charged halls of Slaanesh’s palace – both unique live event jewelry items. The elite reward for the Savage Reprisal live event is: the Massing of Defenders Edict for the forces of Order; or the Barbed Whip for the forces of Destruction – two unique items which unlock new content in a future patch! Join your realm in the greatest struggle between the realm of men and Chaos yet! Will the forces of Kislev prevail and muster the numbers to repel the hordes of Chaos, or will the minions of Slaanesh annihilate Kislev as a viable ally of the Empire?

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