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Savage Reprisal ~ Sacellum Challenges

Within the twisting confines of the Inevitable City lays arena in which the forces of Chaos beat their chests and proclaim their greatness. Savage brutes think that by slaughtering mindless beasts and starved creatures that they are true warriors. The hordes of Chaos know not the true values of a skilled warrior. After seeing this crass spectacle of might, I now know that our alliance with the forces of Chaos is purely for the sake of convenience, for I am certain that the legions of Naggaroth would triumph over these blood-crazed wretches. 

~ Gareth Felgaze, Captain of the Uthorin Escort in the Inevitable City

With the forces of Slaanesh gathering to join their Chaos brethren, their presence has become great within the streets of the Inevitable City. Any warrior who wishes to prove his valor and win the favor of the Chaos gods must demonstrate his worth in combat of arms. The ideal location for this display is right under the eye of the Chaos gods at the heart of the Chaos Wastes – the Sacellum of the Inevitable City. It is here the hopeful-champions of Slaanesh flock that they may best their counterparts devoted to Khorne and Tzeentch, it is here they will prove their worth.

The forces of Order however are aware of the test of skills, and have sent brave volunteers disguised as the enemy into the heart of evil- the primary contingent consisting of Kislevites disguised as savage Norse followers of Khorne. Now the forces of Order confront the forces of Destruction within the walls of the Inevitable City in an attempt to  disrupt the winds of Chaos.

The Sacellum Challenges scenario takes place within the grand arena in the form of a series of fights. This is a 6v6 deathmatch with three rounds – after one faction has eliminated all the opponents, the first round ends and the fight resets. Each round lasts 5 minutes. Points are awarded for kills, winning a round, and in the event that one faction has won the first two rounds, if the other faction wins the third round they get bonus points for a come-back. The gauntlet has been thrown down. Who will accept the challenges and claim victory?

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