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A Pleasure to Kill

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Lured into Death’s Embrace by Gregorius Volff of Erengrad


Kislev, which has already taken on so much suffering and bloodshed to protect the realm of men against the winds of Chaos, now faces a new threat. The Dark Elves’ plot to lure the hosts of Slaanesh into the war has worked, though not without much effort to win over Khorne and prove to him that his weaker brother could prove of use in war. Now the hosts of Slaanesh march south to join Khorne’s armies in their struggle to break Kislev, and under one banner shall they unite to bring death and suffering to the peoples of Kislev. Kislev stands alone to bear the brunt of the attack, she must look to her own for her defenses.

Forming the core of the host marching to join Khorne are the Pleasure Cultists of Slaanesh, sinister women lured by the promises of Slaanesh and twisted by his ill will. For Slaanesh, beauty and perfection are paramount, and his minions must reflect this. The Pleasure Cultists are models of Slaanesh’s vision both in his perception of beauty, and in their ability to cause great pain and suffering.

Facing a new threat, the Tsarina of Kislev is forced to demand more of her people. Thus far the war has been waged by career soldiers and the most devout of the followers of Ursun, but with such a massive host approaching more must sacrifice for the sake of Kislev. Called onto the battlefield in the defense of not only Kislev, but of all of humanity are the Kossars of Kislev – the backbone and muscle of society, the common folk. War touches all, and none suffer more than the commoners, but now the Kossars must take a stand and fight to repel the hosts of Slaanesh.

Order players who acquired the Massing of Defenders Edict in the Savage Reprisal live event have two weeks early access to the Kossar. Destruction players who acquired the Barbed Whip in the Savage Reprisal live event have two weeks early access to the Pleasure Cultist

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