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Kossar ~ Kislev MDPS

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In times of war the winged lancers ride out and win glory on the battlefield; their valor earns them much praise and songs of honor. But there are those who shed blood on Kislev’s behalf even though they are not bound to fight, those who die and sacrifice much and receive no praise. The only songs that will ever be sung in their name are funeral dirges, and perhaps if they are lucky a local bard’s tale. They are the kossars of Kislev, the common folk who inhabit the villages and countryside. They do not fight because their profession demands it, they fight because their way of life necessitates it. When war comes to Kislev, they are honor-bound to fight for their tsardom. Kislev is their mother, and they her proud sons; when war comes to Kislev, they do not hesitate to answer the call to rise to her defense.

~ Linz Troppe, Anthropologist of Altdorf


Archetype – Melee DPS

Armor – Medium

Weapon – Dual-wield Axes, Pistol

Mechanic – Will of the Wild

  • You hone in on your survival skills and focus on your target learning their behaviors and mannerisms as you fight. You mark your targets with your Wild Focus and while fighting your targeted enemy you build your martial skill and accumulate Command of the Wild points. The Command of the Wild pool numbers from 0-100 and will decay if you are not fighting an enemy you have marked with your Wild Focus; this pool of points can be used for powerful attacks.

Mastery Trees

  • Harvest Plains – You focus on toe-to-toe combat, intently focusing on your enemy’s every move.
  • Burning Steppes – You act like the flame across the steppes spreading damage everywhere.
  • Winter Woods – You assume the nature of a winter stalker and attack your prey from behind.

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