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Turbulent Winds

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Sinister winds stir in the mountains of Norsca, but these are not dark winds boding ill tidings. No, these winds radiate warmth and lure the weary cold-stricken Kislevites to a false promise. As the purple cascade of false warmth flows gently down the mountains of Norsca unto the steppes of Kislev, another icy blue wind from the heart of Kislev rushes north to counter the false warmth of Chaos. The result – a veritable windstorm over the heads of the Kislevits as the warm purples clash and collide with the icy blues. Though many long for warmth in the harsh winter of Kislev, in these trouble times they must have faith in the purity of ice. A storm is gathering over Kislev as Slaanesh begins his struggle to seduce the hearts and minds of the weak humans, but can the magics of Kislev put a chill on Slaanesh’s ambitions?
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